Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Workout: Fartleks

4.00 miles
35:22 min
8:50/mile avg
434 calories
6 fartleks (untimed)

+ 15 minutes abs

Fartleks are a lazy man's speed workout.  What is a "fartlek"?  This is from Runner's World:
Picking up the pace once a week goes a long way toward making you faster. But that doesn't mean you have to race around a track or keep your eye on a watch. Speed play, or "fartlek" in Swedish (the concept originated in Sweden), is a free-flowing format in which you run faster for however long (or short) you want to. Many great athletes, including the Finnish Olympic medalist Lasse Virén, have done their speed training this way. Choose from the two workouts below, or make up your own. Warm up by walking for three minutes, jogging for five, and finishing with six accelerations (of about 80 yards) to get your body ready for a faster pace.
Block Party:
In your city, neighborhood, or office park, use blocks as your "track." You can go around the block or do an out-and-back. Start at a slow pace for five to 10 steps, then gradually increase the pace for 20 to 50 steps, then run at race pace (but not all out) for one full block. Start with two or three fartlek segments and build to six. Walk for one or two minutes between each faster section.

Running Landmark:

Pick a telephone pole, mailbox, stop sign, or anything up ahead and run to it. You can choose one item (all telephone poles, for example) or multiple landmarks to create varying lengths of speed segments. On each segment, gradually pick up the pace until you're running fast but not all out. For the last 20 steps, hold the pace, but focus on relaxing your body and allowing momentum to take over. Walk or jog for half the distance of your repeat, then spot your next landmark and take off again. Continue for a total of 10 to 15 minutes, before running an easy five to 10 minutes to cool down.
I usually do the "Running Landmark" method, but reading this description I am taking a longer rest period.  I like this method of speed work because I don't have to mess with my watch or kill myself but it does get my legs moving faster and over all picks up the pace.

Thursday is the Moonlight Margarita 5k downtown!

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