Sunday, February 15, 2009

A good picture of them, a lazy weekend picture of me

53. Nurse new baby for 12 weeks (or pump)

Whew - I kicked this goal's ass. It has been 5 and half months of pumping. I finally returned my turbo rental pump this week, and am down to pumping 3 x per day with my travel pump. Oddly enough, pumping for the twins was less of a mental battle than when I did for Gwen. I think that providing the essential nutrients and antibodies for 2 babies was well worth it. And I KNOW it made a difference. Even being in day care neither one has had an ear infection or gotten seriously ill. Well, until this weekend, Madeline has a wicked cold. I felt a little guilty about wanting to quit, until I went on the run I mentioned below and remembered how great I feel after running and I would like to do so more often, which is difficult when pumping 5 times a day. I do feel sad about not getting to really breastfeed. I would not have done it exclusively with the twins (16 x per day? say what?), but it would have been wonderful to have that special time with them.

It's been awhile since I...

Posted. It is just so busy here. Even with hired help a couple days a week I feel like I get nothing accomplished. But I have some good things going on too.

What am I MOST EXCITED ABOUT?!?! Running! I ran for the first time in about a year today. And I have to say it was awesome. Now I am just hoping not to have any weird pain tomorrow. Thoughts about running:
1 - Running in Pflugerville is fugging windy. It is ridiculous.
2 - I love running by myself. It is a rare opportunity to clear my head and allow myself to breathe.
3 - It was a beautiful day, sunny, crisp and clear
4 - I really missed running. I know I won't get to do it as often as I was pre-twins (4 times per week including a long run on the weekend), but I would like to run at least twice a week. We have jogging strollers to fit all the little Mills, so John and I both want to get into the habit of taking them out as often as possible.
5 - Running gives me a natural high that is better than coffee. After that run I was in a great mood. Probably the best in months (ask the random people that have called me out for being... less than cheerful lately).