Monday, September 26, 2011

Just for Fun, the Garbage Men Hate Us

I am standing in the driveway taking this picture.  We are the ONLY house that had our cans tossed about, so I can't blame the wind.  We must be putting the wrong stuff in recycle bin or something.

Umm... what?

I'm still not sure what to think about this, but there it is.  We are a 3 car family all of the sudden.  So much time is spent in the garage now, I can only assume a fridge and TV will soon be installed in there.  The guitar has not been played in weeks!  Boys and their toys.

Art Work - 1 year later

When Maddy got her 'big girl bed' months and months ago I picked out really cute bedding from Target that is pink with woodland creatures on it.  I planned to make my own art work to coordinate.  9 months later I finally did it!

Funny Kids

Now that Jack and Maddy are older, they play more together and will often disappear for 30-40 minutes getting into some mischief.  This picture was taken after Jack buried Maddy with all their stuffed animals.

Gwendolyn is doing well at school.  Last week a police officer came to her class.  After school she went up to her room and came down like this.  All in blue, with her police accessories, camera, and a note pad to write tickets and observations.  Officer Mills kept this up for 3 days.  She also created an alter ego "Lottie" who is bad and gets into trouble. 

This is the Mills version of planking.  A remote control car is on the floor and the kids run away from it.  Best way to avoid it is by staying off the floor.

Casa Superhero 5K Race Report

I have not been posting lately, so sorry for the 3 people that actually read this.

Race update: this weekend I ran the Casa Superhero 5k at the Domain in Austin, with Jennifer and Christina.  It was a nice day, good race, fun costumes, and great results!  I PR'd with a time of 22:52, 7:20 minutes/mile on average.  My goal was to PR (my previous time was 23:18 from April), so I am very excited.  I knew this was my best chance for the fall with marathon training.  I also placed 2nd in my age group, which is really cool. 

Mile one was into the wind.  The first 1/4 mile was challenging getting around people.  At the first turn around point I counted the women in front of me - 10.  I passed one quick (ended being the master's winner), number 8 I ran with most of the race.  I was pretty sure she was younger than me and she was definitely smaller than me (tiny).  At the 2 mile mark she passed me, then I passed her in the final mile.  It was motivating to have someone to pace, and by the end of mile 2 I knew I would at least PR.  Worst part of the race was the last 1/4 mile when we had to run PAST the finish line for a final loop.  It felt like it should be the end but no.  

Gwendolyn run the kids k portion of the race, dressed in cape and mask.  She had a great time and ran the whole thing.  John, Jack and Maddy came too to cheer us on, which was really nice.