Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happiness Project Month 1: Uh.. not so good

January 28th and I went to friggin Hobby Lobby.  Yeesh.  But one bad day does not negate the goal~ more progress to come in month 2. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happiness Project Month 1 Progress - Resolutions & Money, Week 2

What did I blow money on this week, dear readers?

Sunday - $22.00 Rudy’s for lunch with the family

             $41.94 Ordered tons of pictures from Snapfish with 2 coupon codes.  It was probably 10 months worth of pictures (from 2009) for the kid’s scrapbooks.  This will keep me busy for the next 6 months at least (or a year at the rate I have been going)

Monday – $3.14 coffee

Tuesday - $0

Wednesday - $106 for tickets to the circus this weekend, got an email with a deal code and couldn’t pass it up

                   $9.57 lunch with a co-worker who is new to Austin

                  $0.00 dinner at Chick-fil-A with Jenna & Gwen.  Jenna was nice enough to pick up this one.         

Thursday – $0.00 lunch at Zed’s.  My lovely friend/supplier picked up the tab

                $3.14 coffee

               $70 for 3M ½ Marathon Relay (YES – SEVENTY DOLLARS)

Friday - $16 for lunch with my sister

          $? Groceries this afternoon, amount TBD.

Saturday - $? Will probably spend some cash at the circus

Sunday - $? lunch with the family


January’s Happiness Project Theme is “Resolutions”.  Last week’s resolution was to “Set Concrete Goals”.  These are some of mine:

·         Keep a wish list of “wants” to buy.  Items have to be on the list for 30 days before I can purchase.

          During the 30 day waiting period, prioritize “wants” and look for the best deals. 

·         Track expenses daily.

·         Remove myself from all daily deal websites and email distributions.  No more Woot, baby cheapskate, kid steals, scrapbook steals, peachy cheap, peachy chic, Groupon, Living Social, etc.

·         Drink at least 12 oz of water before meals, drink water for every soda or coffee consumed.

·         Choose fruit or vegetables when possible, in place of other crap.

·         Plan my work day with specific tasks to accomplish vs. working my inbox all day (VERY hard for me to do).

·         Officially decorate bedrooms (not just hang up whatever we happen to have), following 30 day rule above.

·         Find something cool for the alcove over the entry way.

·         Continue exercising 3-4 times per week and mix up the routine in March after the ½ marathon.   


This week’s resolution to work on is to “Hold Yourself Accountable”. 

          How am I holding myself accountable for the items above?  Partly by blogging about it (see above), but I know that won’t work entirely.  I started my “wish list” and have a file in my iPhone to track my daily expenses.  I did remove myself from the daily emails from deal sites.  I’m working on the water and vegetable thing, and that will be ongoing each day. 

          On her website, Gretchen Rubin recommends tracking your resolutions and reviewing them each day.  I already have a calendar to track my workouts and running.  I love this calendar and it keeps me honest.  I HATE blank days or worse blank weeks.  I am considering adding my resolutions to my workout calendar, but I don’t know if I want to sully it.


How do you keep up with your resolutions?        


Friday, January 7, 2011

Month 1 Progress - Money

Unsubscribed and un-followed all daily deal sites and coupons.  I plan to avoid all the deal sites for the next month at least.  This will keep me from being tempted by a "great deal". 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Month 1 Money - HP Progress

Pathetic.  What did I shamefully spend money on this week?

a dust ruffle for Jack's bed. $20
candy bars at the checkout (for me, not the kids so I don't feel too guilty). $1.00
Christmas wrapping paper.  75% off, but now what I am going to do with it!? $5.00

What did I spend money on that was worth while?
A new crock pot. My crock pot of 7 years died while making chili this weekend.  I replaced it the next day, but for $19.99 I think it was money well spent.  I did comparison shop online before buying from Target. 
Buzz Lightyear sheets for Jack.  I like to have 2 sets of sheets per bed, so I don't have to wait for laundry to change them.  Jack's room has a "space" theme, so I think this was reasonable for $20.  And, he is now sleeping in his big-boy bed, so I think it is a win. 

What did I NOT spend money on?
Coffee - I really wanted Starbucks a few afternoons this week but stopped myself, instead I ate 5 mini candy bars from the jar on my desk
Saved on lunch - 30% off at Pluckers Wednesday, free chips at Firehouse Thursday.  Yes - I could have saved even more by not going out. 

To do next week: expense review.  BLAH.  Wish list.  Yeah!  Write down all expenses.  Blah.