Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

It's not even Halloween yet, but we've gone to 4 parties, carved 2 pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, hid the trick-or-treat candy from John, had 2 costume changes, painted 6 pumpkins, drank 3 Pumpkin Spice Lattes, made pumpkin muffins and judged one kick ass decorating and costume contest at work.  Whew!  Now we just have to make it through the big day with no tears and I will be one happy Mommy.  Of course I have no pictures of any of this yet. 

Weekly Workout Report 10/24 - 10/30 and Bonehead of the Week

Monday - Maintenance run: 5.15 miles, 47:32, 9:14/mile avg, w/ JC
Tuesday - Track: WUP; 4x500m @ 7:43/mile + 3:00 recovery; CD.  6.00 miles, 51:54, 8:39/mile avg
Wednesday - 6 week 6 pack, 35 min
Thursday - Tempo: WUP; 30 min marathon pace; CD. 6.01 miles, 54:28, 9:04/mile avg (too fast), w/JC
Friday - 30 minutes arms & abs
Saturday - "rest"
Sunday - Long run: 12:10 miles, 1:49:37, 9:04/mi avg (too fast)

Friday I wore my ole' black boots with the heel and by the end of the day my messed up big toe was killing me.  John mocks my sensitive toes, but it was killing me almost all day Saturday.  By Sunday I could feel it but it wasn't nearly as painful.  Stupid kids dropping shit on my feet!

Sunday was our long run.  Jennifer and I planned to meet at 6am, which means I need to leave at 5:50.  So I set my alarm for 5:15, giving myself enough time to get dressed, eat something, drink water and go to the bathroom.  I groggily woke up about 4:30, and snuggled back in bed glad for another 45 minutes of sleep.  My alarm went off at 5:15 and I dragged myself up.  Clock in the bathroom reads: 6:15.  Clock on my phone reads: 6:15.  Mother effer.  My 15 year old alarm clock though today was the F-ing end of day light savings time, so had "rolled back" the clock for me.  GAH!  I knew Jennifer would have already been at our meeting spot at 6:00, would have gotten to my house at 6:10 and seen it completely dark.  In panic mode I run downstairs, turn on the outside lights - no Jennifer.  I text "COME BACK!!!" hoping she might go home and check her phone.  No luck.  So I grab all my crap in record time and get out the door at 6:24.  We run a pretty standard loop around our neighborhood, but I really had no idea if she would run the regular route or run it backwards, or might come home early.  Turns out she decided to do the full 12 and ran it backwards.  I eventually caught up with her at her half way point, 3 miles in for me.  I was glad to see her, I felt like a dummy for getting up late, but was very glad she decided to do it without me (good girl!)! 

She finished off 12 and I had 3 to go.  I ate a Gu.  My digestive system decides Gu in means I have to go to the bathroom - NOW!  See, I neglected my normal second bathroom trip when I sprinted out the door this morning.  I was fine for the first 10 miles, but there's only so long I can go before I have to 'go'.  It was daylight, there were people out, even if I was brave enough to drop trou' in the open I can't do it in daylight!  This becomes a race to the finish.  The faster I run, the more I have to 'go', but I really don't want to crap my pants.  At 11.5 miles I drop my water bottle and belt on the lawn, unlock the door, knock innocent children out of the way and dart into the bathroom. 

Afterward, I jog around the block to cool down and finish the last .5 I owe to the running gods. 

Two lessons for today.  One, get a new alarm clock that isn't so smart.  Two, the second bathroom break is worth the extra time.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What to Wear Running?

For newbies, this is a great tool at Runner's World.  Enter in the temperature and how you like to feel when you are running and it tells you what to wear.  It has been 80 degrees every morning now for what feels like years, but the time will soon come when I will debate shorts or pants? Long sleeve or short sleeve?  Hat or no hat? 

What I like and how I rate in importance:
1. Running Shoes - I love my Brooks Adrenaline.  When looking for running shoes, get fitted at a specialty store the first time.  Plan to spend at least $80, $120 is the norm.

2. Running socks - no cotton here!  Technical fabrics or wool a must.  Highly important if running over 30 minutes to keep from getting blisters.

3. Sports bras - find a brand and fit you like and keep enough on hand to get through the week.  Even with itty bitty titties - bras are super important!

4. Shorts - Turbo Run Shorts from Lululemon - love these!  Nice length and a great pocket set up.  Zippered pocket in back, gel pocket in front.
Adidas Running Shorts - no idea what type I have, they are pretty old and bought on sale at the outlet mall.  These are my old stand by shorts.  They also have a good key pocket in the front. 

5. Running Hat - essential when running in the sun and also keeps hair outta yo face.

6. Technical t-shirts - you can get by in cotton for a long time, but when you make the switch to technical fabrics it's hard to go back.  Look for something in a fit that is comfortable, either form fitting or loose.  Don't go too big - that leads to chaffing.

7. Light weight running jacket - mine is a Nike brand, also bought on sale at the outlet. 

Don't spend too much money until you know what you like.  Sports apparel is big business, especially for women (see August issue of Runner's World), don't get sucked into the hype!  Check out the outlets and sales online.  The Selfish Mommy finds great deals at TJ Max and Ross.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting the Kids Active

A few weeks ago Gwen ran in the Casa Kids k run.  She had so much fun, even though she didn't want to do it when I first mentioned it.  She and I have started walking around the neighborhood at least once a week for a "trash run" picking up trash as we walk.  I like this because it's active, and we talk about not littering.  Makes me feel pretty self-righteous.  Tonight all three kids walked with me with the goal of picking up golf balls and we end up collecting a bag of trash along the way.  I didn't even have to carry anyone!  I also want to get Gwen walking to school once a week.  Last Wednesday was National Walk to School Day.  The whole family walked the mile to school and it was fun.  It helped that there were cheer leaders and a band keeping things upbeat at school. 

Now that the weather is pleasant we are playing outside after school.  As hard as John and I try to get them to play soccer Gwen flat out refuses to practice.  I think Jack and Maddy are almost ready for some actual game playing but they lose interest pretty fast in any organized games.

I wish I had some pictures!  I have been terrible about taking photos and posting any the past few months.  I will work on that, promise!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running Playlist

I've been thinking about my running playlist and what I want to listen to for the marathon.  On weekday runs I generally don't listen to music.  I'm running with Jennifer most days and we chat a lot, and I also feel more aware of my surroundings when I don't have head phones on.  But for long runs and the marathon I know I will want some music to occupy my mind. 

What do I like?  Fast paced music.  I consistently like Emimem Lose Yourself and Beastie Boys Sabatoge during any race.  I put a lot of music I THINK I will like on my running play list, and then end up being very annoyed when it comes on.  So, I'm putting some thought into my music and maybe trying some new things out. 

In a related post on Another Mother Runner, has some tips for creating running play lists today. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marathon Training Schedule - Longest of the Long

Through the Houston Marathon Registration I purchased a training plan from Focus n Fly.  So far I like it and feel like it's appropriate.  This week there was some kind of glitch and I had to recalculate the rest of my schedule.  Now it has our longest long run scheduled for December 24th, 22 miles.  Total suck fest.  Not only is that a very busy day, but we will probably be arriving in Orlando after a 20+ hour drive.  Sooooo... we'll have to figure out an alternative plan.  Luckily I have some time to plan for this.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

See Amanda Run... No Where

Sunday's See Jane Run Austin 1/2 marathon was canceled!  If you were up around 6am you already know why.  Torrential down pore and high winds were the culprits.  Jennifer and I got down to the race and were prepared to brave the elements, wearing trash bags but in high spirits.  While there were a lot of people parked, most everyone was staying in their cars.  We went to the start line area and got the news that the event was canceled.  Due to the weather, set up of the course was delayed and APD was being pulled for accidents, volunteers were not showing up, the parking area was under water and it was a big ole' cluster fuck.  So they canceled the race.  As we walked back to the car, we knocked on windows and let people know.  While no one was surprised - it was crazy weather - most people were disappointed. 

They are offering discounted registration next year to make up for the cancellation.  I have mixed feelings about this race.  Good points is that it is a good time of year, there are not many other 1/2 marathons in the area, it was a new course in Mueller, we did get a coupon to sign up so we did not pay full price, it was also the perfect time for a training 1/2 for us with the marathon coming.  Bad points is that besides the weather, there seemed to be a lot of issues organizing the race.  Shit happens, something ALWAYS goes wrong, and I get that.  But there seemed to be more than normal here.  Besides changing the start time, change of after party location (not a big deal), the medals were lost and they ran out of t-shirts and glasses.  Even if the race had not been canceled they would have run out of medals, t-shirts and glasses.  There was no information on the website about packet pickup, it was only in an email.  It was the first year for this race in Austin, but this is a national company trying to extend their brand.  Even without the cancellation, I was bummed by the event planning.  If I had paid full price for this race I would be uber pissed. 

Jennifer and I ended up running 9-10 miles in the afternoon when there was a break in the rain.  It was post-barbecue for both of us, humid, and during our typical nap time lull.  We will do our planned 13.1 miles this weekend instead, dragging our butts up early on Saturday.

The wrong way to eat ice cream

Sunday, October 9, 2011

See Amanda Run

Sunday 7am - See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon... let's kick it!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breakfast Silly

Raspberry Fingers!

Friday, October 7, 2011

How many pairs do I have now?

This is pair #5.  Pairs 1 & 2 are out to pasture, only used for playing outside or grocery shopping.  Pair #3 will continue on, assuming it performs, through November.  Come December I will exclusively use pairs 4 and 5, and pair #5 will go to the marathon.

Running shoes last 200-500 miles depending on the shoe, how you run and how heavy you are.  I keep 2 pairs in rotation to reduce wear and make sure each pair is fully dry before wearing again.  I learned that it is good to have a dark pair and a light pair so that you can tell them apart at 5:10am when the lights are off.  Brooks Adrenaline have been good to me for many years and I love the new purple colors.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Waste # 432 Pinterest

If you use Pinterest, you already know it is a huge, fun, time suck.  Worse than Facebook or Twitter.  If you don't use it, email me and I'll send you an invite.

I found this, this, and this today, all while I should be curled up in bed sleeping.  But no, instead I'm thinking how cute it would be to make a sandwich shaped like a piggy, and that I should really try steel cut oatmeal again - for real!  And creating a new pin board for travel ideas for our next road trip.

Damn you Pinterest!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am way to into this

Well, the format doesn't make it easy to read pasting it in here, but this is every race I have ever signed up for.  The 1/2 next weekend will be my 58th race 5th 13.1.  There are some gaps here and there after I had Gwen in 2006 and the twins in 2008.  One race I did not make it to (SHOCKER).  I also have a load of race t-shirts that I love dearly.

Race Name Date Distance Time
DashDown Greenville 5K 3/15/2003 5K 28:53
SusanGKomen 5K 11/2/2003 5K 27:53
Capitol 10,000 3/28/2004 10K 1:03:19
Texas Round Up 4/17/2004 10K 1:04:53
Chuy's Hot To Trot 5k 5/8/2004 5K 28:46
Keep Austin Weird 5k 8/28/2004 5K 30:56
Cedar Perk 5 Miler 10/10/2004 5M 43:35
Pervasive 10 Miler 10/24/2004 10M 1:43:42
SusanGKomen 5K 11/7/2004 5K 26:45
Trukey Trot 11/25/2004 5M 42:07
Dallas White Rock Half Marathon 12/12/2004 13.11M 2:05:27
Capitol 10,000 4/3/2005 10K 52:30
OKC Memorial Half Marathon 4/24/2005 13.1M 1:56:52
Chuy's Hot To Trot 5k 5/7/2005 5K 41:43
Silicon Labs Marathon Relay 6/5/2005 12K 1:07:18
Moonlight Margarita Run 8/4/2005 5K 25:17
Cedar Perk 5 Miler 10/9/2005 5M 42:11
SusanGKomen 5K 11/6/2005 5K 27:28
SusanGKomen 5K 11/5/2006 5K 28:20
Trukey Trot 11/23/2006 5M 45:35
3M 1/2 Marathon 1/28/2007 13.11 2:04:12
Mardi Gras 5k 2/10/2007 5K 27:08.70
Hawk Hustle 5K (3.06mi) 2/2/2007 5K 24:30
Capitol 10,000 3/25/2007 10K 51:10.2
Texas Round Up 4/28/2007 10K 51:11.3
Chuy's Hot To Trot 5k (bruised up) 5/12/2007 5K 25:15
Freedom 5k 7/4/2007 5K 23:36
Cedar Perk 5 Miler 10/7/2007 5M 38:15.4
Detroit Marathon 10/21/2007 26.2M 4:11:30
Jingle Bell 5k 12/16/2007 5K 25:00.35
Mardi Gras 5k (course 2.94) 2/2/2008 5k 24:59:00
Hawk Hustle 5K     volunteer
SusanGKomen 5K 11/1/2008   untimed
Statesman Capitol 10K (w/ Jenna) 3/29/2009 10k 1:02:11.0
Schlotzsky's Bun Run 5K  5/3/2009 5k 25:54
Detchenfest Pfun Run 5k (w/ Gwen) 5/17/2009 5k 26:51
Livestrong =   5k  
SusanGKomen 5K 11/1/2009   DNS
Statesman Capitol 10K 4/11/2010 10k 59:46
Detchenfest Pfun Run 5k (w/ Gwen) 5/16/2010 5k 26:46
Ignite 5K and Family Fun Mile (w/ Gwen) 6/12/2010 5k 29:21
Nelson Scholarship 5K Run Georgetown 7/3/2010 5k 25:06
Caleb 5k 7/17/2010 5k (3.15) 24:35
Casa Superhero 5k 9/19/2010 5k* (3.04) 23:21
Pflugerville Mom's Group 10/10/2010 5k (3.15) 24:08
SusanGKomen 5K 11/7/2010 5.k (3.19) 23:45
Jingle Bell 5k (w/ Gwen in stroller) 12/12/2010 5k 25:14
3M 1/2 Marathon RELAY individual 1/30/2011 6.79m 52:50
3M 1/2 Marathon RELAY w/ Jennifer 1/30/2011 13.10 1:46:48
10k pace 1/30/2011 6.20 47:48
Austin 1/2 Marathon 2/20/2011 13.22 1:50:05
Diva 5K Pflugerville 3/5/2011 3.17 23.32
Capitol 10,000 3/27/2011 6.28 48:34
Georgetown Red Poppy 5k 4/17/2011 3.14 23:18
Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run 5/22/2011 3.10 23:27
Moonlight Margarita Run 6/16/2011 3.12 23:43
Casa Superhero 5k 9/25/2011 3.19 22:52

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rambling Post

I listed to a podcast called Get-Fit Quick Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Slim Down Shape UP and.... yada yada yada.  It's pretty good and the podcast are short and easy to listen to on the ride to work.  He had done several podcast about running, one in particular about how to run faster.  #1 was Lose Weight.  Sounds harsh, but if you are carrying less weight you exert less effort, so you can go faster.  One benefit of the Biggest Loser competition was losing 5-7 vanity pounds and also getting faster.  Another benefit is that I have somehow managed to drop a lot of body fat - according to my scale at home anyway.  A few months ago the magic body fat scale put me consistently between 25-29% body fat.  I was annoyed by this, so I decided to tell the scale it was stupid and ignored it.  2 weeks ago, I noticed that my body fat now comes up at 12.5%.  Which is insane.  I figured it was one day and the scale is known to be stupid.  But it has always been consistent at least.  My fat% has stayed around 12.5%, so I sort of want to believe the stupid scale now, cause I like what it says.

If it's accurate, I can attribute this to two things.

1. Adding weight training into my workouts.  I have been trying to do weights or a Jillian Michaels video at least twice a week since Biggest Loser.  This helped me lose those vanity pounds, and has made my core and arms feel stronger.
2. Changing my diet.  I do have bad eating days (see Saturday and Sunday).  But I have been making a huge effort to eat more fruits and vegetables, pay attention to what I eat, eat more organic and less processed foods.  I am still tracking my calories in My Fitness Pal and that keeps me honest.  I skipped the Diet Soda for 5 days last week, which sucked big balls but was able to eat less afternoon candy - I still ate the candy, just not 10 pieces.  I'm reading Jillian Michaels  Master Your Metabolism, and gotten both scared and inspired to make some changes. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Workout Recap for Week of 9/26 - 10/2

Monday - Rest (after Casa 5k)
Tuesday - 5.7 miles 52:53, 9:17/mile
Wednesday - J.M. Ripped in 30 #3 (killer on the legs).  Had a sports massage today too.
Thursday - 5.57 miles 51:42, 9:17/mile very sore from massage and Ripped in 30
Friday - 3.21 miles 30:00, 9:21/mile
Saturday - rest and bad eating
Sunday - ~12.50 ~1:54:31, 9:07/mile avg, total is estimated because I turned my watch off for about 1.5 miles at the end

I ate totally terrible on Saturday, banana milk shakes and wings for dinner, but I actually had a great run on Sunday.  The weather was perfect and the whole thing felt easy.  I followed the long run up with Mexican food and a huge margarita for lunch, then promptly passed out for 2-3 hours.  Gwen was watching The Princess Bride for the first time and asked about 100 questions.  I found I could answer almost all of them without even cracking an eye to see the movie. 

Next Sunday is the See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon.  I'm excited for a big race and hoping to break my PR of 1:50:05 set at the Austin last February.