Saturday, October 15, 2011

What to Wear Running?

For newbies, this is a great tool at Runner's World.  Enter in the temperature and how you like to feel when you are running and it tells you what to wear.  It has been 80 degrees every morning now for what feels like years, but the time will soon come when I will debate shorts or pants? Long sleeve or short sleeve?  Hat or no hat? 

What I like and how I rate in importance:
1. Running Shoes - I love my Brooks Adrenaline.  When looking for running shoes, get fitted at a specialty store the first time.  Plan to spend at least $80, $120 is the norm.

2. Running socks - no cotton here!  Technical fabrics or wool a must.  Highly important if running over 30 minutes to keep from getting blisters.

3. Sports bras - find a brand and fit you like and keep enough on hand to get through the week.  Even with itty bitty titties - bras are super important!

4. Shorts - Turbo Run Shorts from Lululemon - love these!  Nice length and a great pocket set up.  Zippered pocket in back, gel pocket in front.
Adidas Running Shorts - no idea what type I have, they are pretty old and bought on sale at the outlet mall.  These are my old stand by shorts.  They also have a good key pocket in the front. 

5. Running Hat - essential when running in the sun and also keeps hair outta yo face.

6. Technical t-shirts - you can get by in cotton for a long time, but when you make the switch to technical fabrics it's hard to go back.  Look for something in a fit that is comfortable, either form fitting or loose.  Don't go too big - that leads to chaffing.

7. Light weight running jacket - mine is a Nike brand, also bought on sale at the outlet. 

Don't spend too much money until you know what you like.  Sports apparel is big business, especially for women (see August issue of Runner's World), don't get sucked into the hype!  Check out the outlets and sales online.  The Selfish Mommy finds great deals at TJ Max and Ross.

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