Tuesday, October 11, 2011

See Amanda Run... No Where

Sunday's See Jane Run Austin 1/2 marathon was canceled!  If you were up around 6am you already know why.  Torrential down pore and high winds were the culprits.  Jennifer and I got down to the race and were prepared to brave the elements, wearing trash bags but in high spirits.  While there were a lot of people parked, most everyone was staying in their cars.  We went to the start line area and got the news that the event was canceled.  Due to the weather, set up of the course was delayed and APD was being pulled for accidents, volunteers were not showing up, the parking area was under water and it was a big ole' cluster fuck.  So they canceled the race.  As we walked back to the car, we knocked on windows and let people know.  While no one was surprised - it was crazy weather - most people were disappointed. 

They are offering discounted registration next year to make up for the cancellation.  I have mixed feelings about this race.  Good points is that it is a good time of year, there are not many other 1/2 marathons in the area, it was a new course in Mueller, we did get a coupon to sign up so we did not pay full price, it was also the perfect time for a training 1/2 for us with the marathon coming.  Bad points is that besides the weather, there seemed to be a lot of issues organizing the race.  Shit happens, something ALWAYS goes wrong, and I get that.  But there seemed to be more than normal here.  Besides changing the start time, change of after party location (not a big deal), the medals were lost and they ran out of t-shirts and glasses.  Even if the race had not been canceled they would have run out of medals, t-shirts and glasses.  There was no information on the website about packet pickup, it was only in an email.  It was the first year for this race in Austin, but this is a national company trying to extend their brand.  Even without the cancellation, I was bummed by the event planning.  If I had paid full price for this race I would be uber pissed. 

Jennifer and I ended up running 9-10 miles in the afternoon when there was a break in the rain.  It was post-barbecue for both of us, humid, and during our typical nap time lull.  We will do our planned 13.1 miles this weekend instead, dragging our butts up early on Saturday.

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