Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting the Kids Active

A few weeks ago Gwen ran in the Casa Kids k run.  She had so much fun, even though she didn't want to do it when I first mentioned it.  She and I have started walking around the neighborhood at least once a week for a "trash run" picking up trash as we walk.  I like this because it's active, and we talk about not littering.  Makes me feel pretty self-righteous.  Tonight all three kids walked with me with the goal of picking up golf balls and we end up collecting a bag of trash along the way.  I didn't even have to carry anyone!  I also want to get Gwen walking to school once a week.  Last Wednesday was National Walk to School Day.  The whole family walked the mile to school and it was fun.  It helped that there were cheer leaders and a band keeping things upbeat at school. 

Now that the weather is pleasant we are playing outside after school.  As hard as John and I try to get them to play soccer Gwen flat out refuses to practice.  I think Jack and Maddy are almost ready for some actual game playing but they lose interest pretty fast in any organized games.

I wish I had some pictures!  I have been terrible about taking photos and posting any the past few months.  I will work on that, promise!

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