Friday, March 30, 2012

Relay Run

This weekend I'm running in the Texas Independence Relay with the Running Chupacabras.  When I first heard about this race a few years ago I was intrigued, and intimidated by the logistics and 'camping' aspect of the whole thing.  So I am very excited to join an established team and learn the ropes from a few experienced relay runners.  I will have an epic blog post for next week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Girl Scout Sunday

So, with John out of town I have been a busy, busy Mom.  Sunday was Girl Scout Sunday and the girls were asked to attend their church of choice.  At our church the girls and their families sat together.  In the front row.  Normally the kids do pretty well at church but it does require 2 active parents to give everybody the stink eye.  I gotta say, I was dreading taking all three kids to mass by myself.  And it went as expected.  Jack wanted to be held the whole time, then Maddy wanted to sit on my lap too.  Gwen could not sit still.  The priest had a really good sermon, but I only heard 2/3 of it between whisper-threatening the 3 hoodlums.  But all-in-all it went alright and could have been much worse.