Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiara 5K

pre-race with my girls
 This Saturday Team 'Running From the Kids' ran the Central Texas Tiara 5k.  We neglected to get a shot of the whole group in our matching tutus, but we were all stylin'!  There was no kids K, so I pushed the girls for the 5k then they ran around the track after we finished.  They had a great time and Jack demands to run the next race with Mommy!
Fishing for prizes

Hauling 70+ pounds of kids

Christina and Emma

Jennifer - finishing ahead of me!

We are almost done!  The girls were so tired for singing the entire run.

Girls running the final stretch on the track!

I think I finished in 26:04.  My chip time didn't show up online, probably because I crossed the finish line twice.  But Maddy's time was 26:04, so I will assume we had the same.  Emma finished 2nd for her age group and Jennifer finished 3rd.  Well done ladies - can't wait to do it again next year so save those tutus!

Credit for tutu design goes to Mom,Swim,Bike,Run.

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Winkley Healthy Families said...

You guys are totally cute. Glad you used the tutu tutorial.

PS I couldn't run a 26:00 5K if my life depended on it and you were pushing 70 lbs. *sigh*