Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week of Kinder

My baby girl is all grown-up!  Well, she's five anyway and finished her first week of Kindergarten.  Gwendolyn did awesome.  Tuesday John took Jack and Maddy to daycare early so that we could walk to school with Gwen.  John and I walked with her, as she wore her too big backpack and lunch box, beaming with pride over our big girl.  We had met her teacher the previous week, so knew where her classroom was and had already dropped off her supplies.  We walked her down to the classroom and she went right in and found her spot, waved good-bye and started the new school year.  And that was it.  No drama or tears, thank goodness. 

The first day John and I were DYING to hear all the details her day.  She obliged, but was annoyed by all our questions.  On Wednesday Gwen said that she "already told you yesterday!"  GAH!  Lucky for us she and Connor (my bestie's son) are in the same class and sit together, so I have a secondary source of information.  He doesn't tell Jennifer anything either, but eventually I will get some gossip.  So far it sounds like she is doing well and learning about the rules of her new school.  Murchison school spirit means putting "bubbles in your mouth and your hands behind your back", so shut your mouth and keep your hands to yourself! 

In other news soccer practice starts this week, religious ed starts in a few weeks and I am still debating about dance class or Daisy's. 

Next week: an review of Jack and Maddy's 3rd birthday!

Workout Recap: August 22-28

Oye, had a really crappy week physically.  I feel like I may be finally over my cold, thanks to a Z-Pac and getting a lot of sleep and very little exercise.  Back to it this week!

Monday: Nada
Tuesday: Zilch
Wednesday: Bubkiss
Thursday: 3.89 miles, 39:06 min, 10:04/mile average
Friday: 4.00 miles, 39:13 min, 9:48/mile average
Saturday: 9.00 miles, 1:28:20, 9:49/mile average
Sunday: Rest day

I just finished a running book where the author gave advise about running while sick.  He said that if you are sick from the head up, it's probably ok to keep running.  If you are feeling bad in the rest of your body, it is better to stop and get better.  So a runny nose is ok to run through, but body aches/fever/stomach upset is a good reason to stay in bed.  And I agree.  I felt like crap Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday so-so and Thursday decided I needed to go SLOW.  I am still feeling a little 'off' and dehydrated, but ready to get back to the routine.  Though, I did enjoy forcing Jennifer to slow down, it doesn't happen very often.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Workout Recap: August 15-21 and other news

Monday: Recovery Run 4.70 miles, 47:49 min.  Very slow run after Sunday's long run.  Pre-Biggest Loser Weigh in.
Tuesday: Track Workout 6.66 miles, 1:00:17, .5 mile repeats - killer!
Wednesday: Ripped in 30 #2
Thursday: Supposed to be a Threshold, but we mostly just ran fast.  4.88 miles, 45:06 min
Friday: "Rest day".  If by rest you mean get absolutely F-ed up downtown with your sister, then it was a rest day.  If you mean take care of your body so it can recover - no, I did not do that.
Saturday: Recover from night of terrible choices
Sunday: Long run 10.10 miles, 1:39:56.  For not eating anything the day before this run actually felt ok.  Wore my new waist pack/water bottle holder which was annoying but bearable.

Total miles: 26.34

Good thing this week was the Biggest Loser Challenge ending.  I did lose 5% of my weight, about 7 pounds, which was a goal I thought was going to be really hard.  It was hard, but counting calories and adding in the extra workouts for cross training really helped.  I was also able to do 15 boy style pushups to win an additional 1% for my total.

Bad thing this week was being a complete idiot and getting sloppy drunk on Friday night with Jenna and Amy. I don't know how 3 educated women go out and NO ONE says "Hey girls, lets have some water this round."  Or "you know, maybe let's not RUN to the next bar and order shots ok?"  We paid the price.  As Jenna said, Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" has taken on a whole new sinister meaning.

What is this week looking like for training?  Not so good.  Besides being a stupid drinker, I also caught some kind of infectious mutant virus, probably before Friday.  I've felt the beginnings of a cold for a few days but it came on full force Sunday afternoon.  I officially do not have Strep throat, but the doctor was nice enough to load me up on drugs anyway.  So I will be taking a few days off from running to let my body truly rest and get back to it at the end of the week.

And in HUGE MILLS FAMILY NEWS: Gwendolyn starts kindergarten tomorrow!  I am so excited for her!  I'll post pictures and a first week recap next week. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Workout Recap: August 8-14

Great week!
Monday: Maintenance Run 5.5 miles, 52:01, 9:27/mile avg
Tuesday: Track 4.0 miles, 37:45 (WUP, 2x.75 @ 8:00 pace), cool down
Wednesday: 6 Week 6 Pack video 35 min
Thursday: Tempo Run 5.0 miles, 46:19, 9:16/avg
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Body Pump class @ 24 Hour Fitness
Sunday: Long Run, 10.0 miles, 1:37:04, 9:42/mile

Total mileage:  24.50 miles

Monday is the final weigh in for the Biggest Loser at work.  Saturday morning I weighed in at a year low of 134.6 pounds, probably the lowest weight since the aftermath of the twins 2.5 years ago when lack of sleep, eating, nursing and stress got me down to 129.  That is when people started giving me funny looks and asking if I was ok - too thin to look healthy.  135 is always my goal weight and usually I hover right below 140.  As far as the Biggest Loser competition goes, I am going out to eat with John to night as an early anniversary celebration, so I will probably not weigh in at my low number.  This is our last week with our favorite babysitter before she goes off to Texas Tech!  We will all miss her.  A dinner out is bad timing for the competition, but well worth it for what may be our last date night for awhile. 

Congrats to my running buddy Jennifer for placing 2nd in her age group at the 5k for Clay this weekend!  You rocked it girl!

Next week's schedule is about the same overall mileage.  We have one more week until Gwen starts school and our running schedule may have to be slightly adjusted to get everyone out the door on time. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snack Attack

I've been making an effort to eat healthy, including healthy snacks.  What is "healthy"?  Preferably less than 200 calories, organic or non-manufactured at least, fresh, taste-y. 

Chocolate dusted almonds
Fresh berries
Cherries (so good this time of year)
Organic greek yogurt
Animal crackers
Pop Chips
Mojo bars - YUM
Myoplex Light protein shakes
Cherry tomatoes

What am I still eating, even though it's not "healthy"?  Diet soda.  I am so addicted.  Every day at 2pm I feel the need to get my drank on.  I did manage to get through a couple days this week, by couple I mean 2 and it was very challenging. 

Biggest Loser Countdown

The weigh in is Monday morning. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


check out this link on posture and the proper way to sit.  I've been reading in another book that sitting all day and the posture at your desk also effects your running form!  I constantly slouch at my desk and sit in weird positions.  I am making an effort to at least get up every 60-90 minutes and take a break - which also coincides with a bathroom break and refilling my water bottle.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Workout Recap: August 1-7

Monday: Maintenance Run, 3.75 miles 35min, 9:21/mile avg
Tuesday: Track VO2: 4.91 miles, 54 min, Warm up/8x.25M @7:25 pace/cool down
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack workout, 35 minutes, kicked my butt
Thursday: Threshold Run 5.55 miles, 51:39, Warm up/2M @ 8:26/ 5 min recovery/ 10x30 sec sprints/cool down
Friday: Sore from Wednesday and Thursday's workouts, Rest Day
Saturday: Long Run 8.5miles, 1:20:24, 9:27/mile avg - definitely need to bring more water on these hot long runs

Total: 22.72 miles
Days: 6

Next week's plan is a total of 24-28 miles

Link to a Marathon Training Article

I thought THIS was helpful. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another great infrographic from Greatist

More Health and Fitness

Race Plans Updated

Casa Super Hero Run 9/25/11 - at the Domain and a really fun race.  There were lots of supers last year.

See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon 10/9 - got a great deal to run this race at Mueller Lake Park.

Pflugerville Pfamily Pfun Run at Lake Pflugerville 10/15 - local 5k race, also the same weekend as the LiveStrong Challenge.  This race will have a $10 kids K, and may be Jack and Maddy's first race (can't pass up the price!).

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 11/15 - back in downtown Austin this year, will be running for Renee's Rack Pack

Turkey Trot 11/24 - Thanksgiving day 5 miler and pre-birthday race, assuming I am in Austin for the holiday. 

December will be logging lots of long run miles - no racing!

Houston Marathon 1/15/12 - Accepted in the lottery, training has already begun!  This is the big goal race for me (and Jennifer).  All running leads up to Houston. 

Race wish list:
Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando 2/26/12 - I really want to do this race and I think I convinced Jenna to join me for a girls weekend and run it together.  I also want to do the Goofy Challenge but realize I should get another marathon under my belt before attempting it. 

Austin 10/20 4/15/12 - 10 miles, 20 stages of music at the Domain

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Girl!

Last night was Gwen's Pre-School graduation!  Kinder is just around the corner!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gardens Galore

My mother is a avid gardener.  While in Lexington my kids were desperate to pick all her flowers!  In the last 10 years her gardens have grown and expanded.  They have added a potting shed, a covered deck, another garage, another room to the house, trees, a pond and probably more.  Some people downsize when their kids leave home - my parents GO BIGGER!

Beach Day

We got to take the kids to the beaches of Lake Huron.  They loved the sand.

Rave Run: Lexington

Runner's World magazine has a monthly feature called "Rave Run".  It's a 2 page spread of a beautiful photograph of a picturesque place to run.  I thought of this as I ran down the country roads near my parent's home in Lexington, MI.  I saw more cows and horses than people and cars.  I passed dairy farms, fields of corn and heard nothing but the crunch of gravel. 

Workout Recap: July 18-31

2 weeks of vacation, or should I say "vacation".

7/18 - 5.42, 50 minutes, 9:14/mile Maintenance Run
7/19 - 4.40, 40:00 minutes, 9:06 avg Pace Run
7/20 - Road trip begins (AUUGH!)
7/23 - 5.00, 44:40, 8:56/mile - in Auburn Hills area
7/24 - ~8.1 miles, 77:21 - in Lexington.  Enjoyed the beautiful country roads, farms and solitude

Total for the week: 22.92 miles

7/26 - 5.00, 44:43, 8:57/mile avg Pace Run
7/27 - ~4 miles, 38 minutes, Maintenance Run with no GPS
7/29 - 9.15 miles, 86 minutes, 9:25/mile Long Run at Maintenance Pace
7/30 - started drive back to Texas

Total for the week: 18.15

Vacation Recap

phone pics from our trip, quality isn't so good but you'll get the idea.  Lots of entertaining the kids and keeping everyone busy. 
  A&W Lunch w/ Grandpa and Nana

Picking Vegetables

Harvesting Eggs

Silly cousins

Jack has taken all the Mickey's

Maddy in a canoe - in a museum

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to Normal

I'm back from vacation!  2 weeks in Michigan visiting lots of friends and family.  I'll be posting updates and pictures soon!