Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New item #105

I'm stealing one from Jenna, read some of the books on the top 100 book list (that I haven't already read).

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

28. Take pictures every week (19/143)

I have no idea how many weeks we have been doing this, but I think I have taken pictures every week. Since they starting building the house we have at least been going to check it out on Sunday and take a picture of it and me - both of us getting bigger.

51. Get pregnant - with a boy (complete 4/28/08)

We had a 16 week ultrasound on Monday and they did a full anatomy check on everybody. After about 30 minutes of measuring the head, stomach, heart, arms & legs they told us Baby A is a GIRL. She is healthy and has all her fingers and toes. 25 minutes later they told us Baby B is a BOY! Hoozah! We got our boy! We are mostly happy that they are both looking healthy and growing on track. I had been reading internet garbage for the past two weeks and it was starting to freak me out, so it was very reassuring to get confirmation that they are O.K. But really, John did a little happy dance when we got the elevator. So, I can cross this off my list now.

9. Go to church once a month (3/33)

I have not been doing well on this list item. I am extra motivated now though, we have to get these twins baptized and I'm not flying to Michigan to do it. So now we have to go to church more often. We went to 11 o'clock mass on Sunday and it actually went pretty well. We were lucky enough to have a baby sit in the pew in front of us, and that captured Gwendolyn's interest every 20 minutes or so. We also went through 3 snacks and had the pacifier and books handy. I think it was much easier in the general population area than in the crying room. We will definitely go again now that we had a good experience with Gwen (Christmas was NOT fun). I went today and bought some kids religious books that we will only take to church with us, so they will be new and interesting for her.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

22. Read 2 Oprah's book club books - reluctantly in progress

I bought Oprah's most recent book club selection A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckart Tolle. She really brain washed me on this one. I can already tell I am not into it and not "open" to the whole idea, but I will push through and finish the darn thing. I feel like I"m reading a book for school.

7. Never eat after 8pm (unless drinking) (failure!)

Maybe I should have said "unless pregnant and/or drinking". I have found that if I don't eat every 2-2.5 hours I get queasy and this includes the evening hours from 7-10 when I normally don't eat anything. Rather than feel like barfing, I just have to eat.

83. Go to a museum

While in Boston this weekend, Jenna and I visited the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. In the early 1900's a really rich lady collected a ton of art and made her own museum. She and her husband lived upstairs (the building is 4 floors, they lived in the top floor). How do you think that guy felt? "Seriously? You bought another tapestry? And what do we need all these 'antique' chairs for? Why can't we at least sit on them?!?"

There was some amazing pieces there and it was really interesting to see. Of course, Jenna knew all kind of facts about the European stuff after her studies in England (smarty pants!).

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum displays an art collection of world importance, including works that rank among the most significant of their type. Isabella Stewart Gardner collected and carefully displayed a collection comprised of more than 2,500 objects - paintings, sculpture, furniture, textiles, drawings, silver, ceramics, illuminated manuscripts, rare books, photographs and letters - from ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia, the Islamic world and 19th-century France and America. Built to evoke a 15th-century Venetian palace, the Museum itself provides an atmospheric setting for Isabella Stewart Gardner's inventive creation.

74. Take a vacation with Jenna

This weekend I went to Boston with my sister. She is moving there in June and I went to help her look for an apartment and get to know the city. Boston is really cool and we had a great time. It would have been a much different trip if I could drink, but maybe that is for the best. We did find her an apartment and got to know the neighborhood she will live in. We also visited a museum, saw Fenway Park, ate a lot of great meals and walked about 20 miles (or it felt like 20 miles). Pictures should be posted soon.

Edit: I also think I should get extra credit for going after my whole fiasco with American Airlines/Travelocity. Did you know that if you book a flight on Travelocity if basically F's you? Well, it does, so don't do it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've been very delinquent in posting the past couple weeks, but I will catch up soon. I'm not feeling sick as a dog, so I have a lot of catching up to do in general - mostly packing.