Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Training Recap 9/17-9/23

Last week's training

Monday 6.3 miles, 55:42, 8:51 avg - tempo run with Jennifer
Tuesday Yoga 50 minutes
Wednesday Threshold run, 7.5 miles, 1:03:00, 8:24 avg
      warm up, 3 x (7 minutes @ 7:21 pace + 3 minutes @ 8:30 pace), cool down
Thursday 5.01 miles, 44:05, 8:48 avg - felt great!
Friday 4.0 miles, 36:38, 9:10 avg - easy run with Jennifer
Saturday - rest (skipped the planned 2 mile pre-race run in favor of sleeping in and the kids soccer game)
Sunday - race day! 7.5 miles, 55:18, 7:23/mile

Total miles 30.31

Post race I am feeling pretty sore.  I definitely pushed to the limit on Sunday, but am recovering fine.  Trying to follow the low mileage this week to the letter.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updated - Austin Marathon Relay: 50 Shades of Running

Whew!  As expected it was a hot day, and any chance of escaping the heat was dashed when the race start was delayed by 40 minutes.  There was an accident on the course that had to be moved before we could start.  But we still had a great time.

I had the first leg, 12k, that took me up around the capitol, West on Cesar Chavez and back to Auditorium Shores.  Running up around the capitol is always hard, but the stretch of Cesar Chavez that went over MoPac, back down, turn around and back over MoPac was killer.  I was really cursing my choice to run this race!  My goal was to keep 7:25/mile pace.  My final time was 55:18minutes, 7.5 miles, 7:23/mile.  So I did it!  My pace as all over as I climbed the hills and finished.

1 - 7:05 (started too fast)
2 - 7:32 (around the capitol)
3 - 7:17 (better pace)
4 - 7:18 (better pace)
5 - 7:38 (AH! HILLS)
6 - 7:27 (ok)
7 - 7:37 (struggling on the flatish return)
.5 - 6:53 (bringing it home)

Official results, 8th out of 74 Women's Open Division teams

Everyone did well but really felt the effects of the heat today.  Final results will be posted Tuesday.

This relay was a Pace & Chase format, so each relay leg started when the fastest runner from the previous leg finished.  This was kind of nice since it allowed us to finish earlier and start with a group.

Jennifer, Monica, Amanda, Stacie & Jenna
Amanda Mills: 50 Shades of Running, Pleasure + Pain
Jenna Gray: The REAL Gray, Pleasure & Pain

Jenna, enjoying the finish
Jennifer Cox: I Don't Need the Extras

Jennifer, pushing to the end

Stacie, looking good at the finish
Monica May: May I have Another?


Moni bringing it home


Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Running Related Personal Questions

As posted by Another Mother Runner (AMR), and Mom,Swim,Bike,Run (MSBR) who are all Bad Ass Mother Runners (BAMRs).  Here are 10 Running Related Personal Questions.

1. Best Run Ever: I think the 2012 Houston Marathon was definitely the culmination of a year of training that resulted in a killer time and felt phenomenal. 

2. Three words that describe my running: Follow the Plan

3. My go to running outfit is: Pearl Izumi or Lululemon shorts, double layer Write socks, Brookes Adrenaline shoes and whatever sports bra or shirt is on top of the pile.  Hat or headband depending on the weather.

4. Quirky habit while running:  3 breathes in, 2 breathes out.

5. Morning, Mid-day, Evening?: Morning almost all the time.  I will do an occasional midday or evening run if my schedule is totally cray-cray, but morning is the best time for me to get a run in AND keeps me sane the rest of the day.

6. I won't run outside when:  It's either thunder and lightening out or below 20 degrees, but it doesn't get that cold very often in Texas.

7. Worst injury, and how I got over it: Lucky for me, no serious injuries.  I have had minor stresses and strains that required 1-2 months off.

8. I feel most like a bad ass mother runner when: I push my kids in the stroller and pass people.

9. Next race is: Austin Marathon Relay 9/23, then the Chosen 1/2 Marathon 10/27

10. Potential running goal for 2013: Qualify for Boston Bitches.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soccer Kids & Coach

The Spitfires had their second game this weekend and it was so adorable.  They played really well this time (I mean, actually participated in the game).  Jack scored 2 goals and Maddy scored 1.  They were excited to play and were really excited to get the crowd cheering for them and gave lots of high fives.  Even more entertaining was Coach John getting the kids geared up to play and his excitement when they actually played soccer. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training Recap 9/10-9/16

Monday - Killer Tempo Run. ~8-8.5 miles.  I don't know what my Garmin 305 is doing, but I do not appreciate it.  I had a hard tempo run, and was doing it, but I know my watch miscalculated some miles (said my 8:00 mile was a 6:15 miles).  I may have felt great in the cooler weather, but not that great.

Tuesday - Yoga 48 minutes.  I did a new yoga video, Yoga for Athletes, and it was really nice.  Having done a variety of yoga videos and a handful of classes I was able to keep up with it and understand the poses without looking at the TV too much.  There were some really nice stretches that targeted areas I normally miss.

Wednesday - 5.6 miles, 50:58, 9:05/avg.  I used my phone for tracking today, which was annoying.  Running with Christina was really nice though, so nice to have a partner.  But, that is our last run together for awhile, she is now stuck in a walking boot with a mild stress fracture.

Thursday - 5.4 miles, 46:23 min, 8:35/avg.  El Diablo drills of 6x.25 mile repeats.  It took a while to warm up but I made it through.

Friday - totally bailed on Jennifer.  It was raining (sort of) and I should have just gone but felt like I wanted the sleep more.  But, like an idiot I could not really fall back asleep, so I was just pissed off that I didn't run.  Then I decided to eat BBQ for lunch and Tex-Mex for dinner - GENIUS!  Super awesome decisions today.

Saturday - 13.00, 1:56:46, 8:59avg.  Woke up with an upset tummy, no surprise after what I ate Friday.  I was wearing John's GPS watch, so I didn't really pay much attention to our pace until I felt like I was dragging.  We ran this super fast and talked the entire time.  I guess the cooler weather was a factor. 

Sunday - Rest.  I thought about making up Friday's run but it raining ALL DAY today (really) and my stomach was still kind of off kilter today.  Better to take the rest days now than push too far and hurt myself (see Christina, it is possible to stop!). 

Coming up this week is a pretty light week until Sunday's Austin Marathon Relay.  Team 50 Shades of Running will be competing.  Looks like we will have a decent day and a fun group of girls.  I'm itching to race!

Daisy Troop Fun

This week G's Daisy troop made cards, baked cookies and dinner for our local fire station.  They also got a tour of the station and a chance to climb into the fire engine.  Lots of fun and a really nice lesson for the girls.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Training Recap 9/3-9/9

Mid-week had me feeling pretty run down with either a terrible cold or allergies.  Thursday I had to leave work early go get cold medicine and keep my sneezing and nose blowing away from my co-workers.  Friday I practically fell asleep while working.  But by Sunday evening I am feeling on the mend.

Monday - holiday!  I did not get up to run early, so I ran late in the evening after the kids went to bed.  I do not normally do that, but I hate missing a Monday run.  Or any run for that matter.  It was supposed to be a pace workout of some sort, but the heat was killer.  I did the miles to plan, but not the pace.
6.50 miles, 59:17minutes, 9:07/mile avg

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - Maintenance run, 4.55 miles, 43:07 minutes, 9:29/mile avg pace

Thursday - Pace workout including warm up, 3 x .75 mile repeats (5:58/5:50/5:37), cool down.  It was tough to get warmed up, but I felt great at the finish.
6.0 miles, 51:55minutes, 8:39/mile avg

Friday - Maintenance run, 4.00miles, 37:16minutes, 9:19/mile avg pace.  Finally got a running buddy today, Jennifer joined me and it the time passes much faster!

Saturday - Long run, 10.6 miles, 1:38:33, 9:18/mile avg pace.  Jennifer and I ran around the neighborhood and knocked out an easy 10 miles. 

Sunday - Rest.  Much needed after Saturday's busy day with the kids.

Total miles: 32.65. This was a 'lighter' week, next week each day is a little further than this week.  Now is the time to focus on getting lots of sleep, foam rollin', and the dreaded nutrition. 

I got a new yoga video (Yoga for Athletes) that I am excited to try next week. 
The Athlete's Guide to Yoga: A Personalized Practice for Strength, Flexibility, and Focus

Soccer Players!

This year we decided to move Jack and Maddy out of "Sports Adventures" at school and try soccer through PAYSL.  They have had 2 practices with the team and the first game was Saturday.  I wasn't there (Gwen had 2 parties to attend - so busy) but John said they ... ah... did not take naturally to the game.  John is also coaching the team, so EVERYONE will learn a lot this season!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Training Update

Marathon training is going well.  I survived the summer months and am looking forward to "cooler" weather in the fall.  In Texas fall comes in November so there is still plenty of sweaty running days ahead.

My schedule this week:

Monday - Track workout of warm up, 6 x 400m repeats, cool down.  Ran with Jennifer up/down Diablo and kept a strong pace for each sprint.  Total: 5.65miles, 8:51 avg, 50:03minutes
Tuesday - rest day
Wednesday - 5.00miles, 48:57, 9:47/mile, maintenance run with Christina around the hood
Thursday - the Beast.  I had a 7am conference call and have to be in the house by 6:30 to get the kids ready for school.  I intended to get up and out the door for a 8-9 mile run by 5am but I slept right through my alarm.  I woke up at 5:30ish and could not make myself get up and do a shorter run.  So running at lunch became the plan.  It was nasty hot.  I ran around the Pf Lake and drank 72 ounces of water.  I survived at least.  8.75 miles, 1:17:57min, 8:55/mile avg.
Friday - 4.15 miles, 38:57, 9:23 avg pace, with Jennifer and Christina
Saturday - Long run.  12.75 miles, 1:58:39, 9:18avg.  Christina ran the first 5 with us (sort of), I ran through mile 10 with Jennifer and finished up around my side of the neighborhood.  Pace ranged from 9:51 to 8:33 at the end.
Sunday - rest

Total for the week: 36.3 miles

One thing I am so grateful for is my hydration vest, thanks to Jennifer's recommendation.  In this Texas heat it is essential for long runs.

Check out my other blog

I have started posting family pictures on a new blog.  I will attempt to post in chronological order but I will not promise to keep up to date.  Right now I am only to July, but will also work my way backwards through at least January 2012.  My intention is to use the family blog as an archive and create a family yearbook through a website like blurb.  Of course, that is my intention - now to actually do it.