Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updated - Austin Marathon Relay: 50 Shades of Running

Whew!  As expected it was a hot day, and any chance of escaping the heat was dashed when the race start was delayed by 40 minutes.  There was an accident on the course that had to be moved before we could start.  But we still had a great time.

I had the first leg, 12k, that took me up around the capitol, West on Cesar Chavez and back to Auditorium Shores.  Running up around the capitol is always hard, but the stretch of Cesar Chavez that went over MoPac, back down, turn around and back over MoPac was killer.  I was really cursing my choice to run this race!  My goal was to keep 7:25/mile pace.  My final time was 55:18minutes, 7.5 miles, 7:23/mile.  So I did it!  My pace as all over as I climbed the hills and finished.

1 - 7:05 (started too fast)
2 - 7:32 (around the capitol)
3 - 7:17 (better pace)
4 - 7:18 (better pace)
5 - 7:38 (AH! HILLS)
6 - 7:27 (ok)
7 - 7:37 (struggling on the flatish return)
.5 - 6:53 (bringing it home)

Official results, 8th out of 74 Women's Open Division teams

Everyone did well but really felt the effects of the heat today.  Final results will be posted Tuesday.

This relay was a Pace & Chase format, so each relay leg started when the fastest runner from the previous leg finished.  This was kind of nice since it allowed us to finish earlier and start with a group.

Jennifer, Monica, Amanda, Stacie & Jenna
Amanda Mills: 50 Shades of Running, Pleasure + Pain
Jenna Gray: The REAL Gray, Pleasure & Pain

Jenna, enjoying the finish
Jennifer Cox: I Don't Need the Extras

Jennifer, pushing to the end

Stacie, looking good at the finish
Monica May: May I have Another?


Moni bringing it home


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Susan Tirch said...

I'm so bummed I missed this. It looks like you guys had a great time despite the heat!!