Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training Recap 9/10-9/16

Monday - Killer Tempo Run. ~8-8.5 miles.  I don't know what my Garmin 305 is doing, but I do not appreciate it.  I had a hard tempo run, and was doing it, but I know my watch miscalculated some miles (said my 8:00 mile was a 6:15 miles).  I may have felt great in the cooler weather, but not that great.

Tuesday - Yoga 48 minutes.  I did a new yoga video, Yoga for Athletes, and it was really nice.  Having done a variety of yoga videos and a handful of classes I was able to keep up with it and understand the poses without looking at the TV too much.  There were some really nice stretches that targeted areas I normally miss.

Wednesday - 5.6 miles, 50:58, 9:05/avg.  I used my phone for tracking today, which was annoying.  Running with Christina was really nice though, so nice to have a partner.  But, that is our last run together for awhile, she is now stuck in a walking boot with a mild stress fracture.

Thursday - 5.4 miles, 46:23 min, 8:35/avg.  El Diablo drills of 6x.25 mile repeats.  It took a while to warm up but I made it through.

Friday - totally bailed on Jennifer.  It was raining (sort of) and I should have just gone but felt like I wanted the sleep more.  But, like an idiot I could not really fall back asleep, so I was just pissed off that I didn't run.  Then I decided to eat BBQ for lunch and Tex-Mex for dinner - GENIUS!  Super awesome decisions today.

Saturday - 13.00, 1:56:46, 8:59avg.  Woke up with an upset tummy, no surprise after what I ate Friday.  I was wearing John's GPS watch, so I didn't really pay much attention to our pace until I felt like I was dragging.  We ran this super fast and talked the entire time.  I guess the cooler weather was a factor. 

Sunday - Rest.  I thought about making up Friday's run but it raining ALL DAY today (really) and my stomach was still kind of off kilter today.  Better to take the rest days now than push too far and hurt myself (see Christina, it is possible to stop!). 

Coming up this week is a pretty light week until Sunday's Austin Marathon Relay.  Team 50 Shades of Running will be competing.  Looks like we will have a decent day and a fun group of girls.  I'm itching to race!

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