Wednesday, October 21, 2009

27. Catch up on photo albums

UGH - well my plan to hae a space to work on the albums has failed. We made the decision to give Madeline her own room because she is not the best sleeper and wakes up Jack. Which means the children own most of the house now and I will not have space for a craft table. BOOOO! So the dining room table will again be my home base to drag out all my stuff. I just have to hope Gwen doesn't get into it. ~gulp~

Austin City Limits 2009

My parents and sister came to Austin a few weeks ago and we all went to ACL. The best part was that my parents brought 2 friends with them to babysit the kids each night - wow - how great is that?!?

Best parts of the weekend? No kids to worry about, great weather on Friday, great bands : Phoenix, John Legend, !!!, Airborne Toxic Event and Dave Mathews Band.

Not so great parts? The rain on Saturday, the swamp of Dillo Dirt Sunday and the crowds of people that would climb over us if we did not sit in a defensive strategy.

We had a lot of fun, it was great to spend time with my sister and family and see live music in beautiful Zilker Park.

73. Take a vacation with John

Hard to believe the last "vacation" I had was going with John to Dallas 3 months pregnant (note: pre twin discovery). We had another opportunity when my parents and aunt & uncle were in town and watched the kids for the weekend. John and I took off to San Francisco and it was wonderful. Not only was SF fun, but it was a much needed break from the kids. Not that I don't love them dearly, but a year of getting up around 5:30am wears on the soul.

We slept in, ate what we wanted, walked everywhere, stayed up sorta late, did a 10 mile long run together and some shopping. I didn't have to carry anybody, push a stroller, change a diaper or hear ANY whining. It was a real vacation. It was awesome. Unfortunely it isn't something we will get to do very often but will take advantage any time we can.