Wednesday, October 21, 2009

73. Take a vacation with John

Hard to believe the last "vacation" I had was going with John to Dallas 3 months pregnant (note: pre twin discovery). We had another opportunity when my parents and aunt & uncle were in town and watched the kids for the weekend. John and I took off to San Francisco and it was wonderful. Not only was SF fun, but it was a much needed break from the kids. Not that I don't love them dearly, but a year of getting up around 5:30am wears on the soul.

We slept in, ate what we wanted, walked everywhere, stayed up sorta late, did a 10 mile long run together and some shopping. I didn't have to carry anybody, push a stroller, change a diaper or hear ANY whining. It was a real vacation. It was awesome. Unfortunely it isn't something we will get to do very often but will take advantage any time we can.

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JennAventures said...

Sounds like my life...hehehe! Glad you had fun!