Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

What is going on with the kids?  I'll recap.

Gwendolyn - in ballet and tap, Play Ball and started soccer this spring.  Team Marshmallow is rocking!  Gwen is sort of afraid of the ball but scored her first goal this weekend, go GWEN!  She is doing well in pre-school and becoming more talkative with her classmates.  She still loves playing with her dolls over anything else, coloring and making art projects a close second.  We decorated Easter eggs this weekend and she loved it!

Madeline - started ballet last month and loves it.  She is talking up a storm, being silly and singing songs.  She is also in Play Ball at school and has learned some new skills.  Maddy LOVES dressing up, reading books, coloring with Gwen and yelling at Jack.  Maddy's favorite person is MOMMY but I am still not allowed to help her put her shoes on or get in the car - she has to do it "Ba meself!"

Jack - getting over the biting phase.  We went 3 weeks without an incident, but Friday he went on a bender and left a full dental impression on Maddy's arm.  He is talking a little better but still struggles to be understood.  He is in Play Ball and we're looking forward to signing him up for other sports to burn off some energy.  He LOVES reading, and has been seen flipping through Maya Angelou books and Body for Life, along with age appropriate books.  Mickey Mouse is still his favorite buddy and goes everywhere in the house with it. 

The kids are doing great and life is so much easier now that they are a little older.  They will occasionally play together without fighting and sometimes disappear upstairs after dinner and leave John and I alone for 10 minutes.  It's rare, but does happen.

Cap 10K 2011

Results:  PR Baby!  48:35 minutes, 6.28 miles, 7:44/mile pace.  Beating my previous PR of 51:10 from 2007.  Rock on!

It was a great day for a race, 60 degrees and overcast.  Yesterday was 90, so I was a little worried but it ended up being perfect.  Jennifer and I got downtown an hour early, which was ok since the line for the potties was 35 minutes.  I took my Gu, drank my water and looked bitchin' in my new Lululemon running skirt.  It was crowded as always, 23,000 total runners today.  We managed to get to the front of the 'red' bibs, so it wasn't too bad dealing with the slow pokes (sorry slow pokes).  

Break out:

Mile 1: 7:52
Mile 2: 8:06
Mile 3: 7:52
Mile 4: 7:39
Mile 5: 7:30
Mile 6: 7:38
Last .28: 6:49

I felt good enough at the end to kick it up a little but that was about all I had left.  I don't know if I will get any good pictures for this race, it seemed like every time I saw a photographer they would put down their camera to stretch or talk to someone. 

Super happy about my PR.  Results aren't posted under my name for some reason, but my bib 3464 is listed as "unknown". 

I got home and we headed to Double Daves to celebrate my kick assery.  Maddy and I ate the same amount of food because she loves DD.  I even got to take a nap today while Gwen watched TV and colored.  So nice!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Jack being scary
Last picture with Nana and Grandpa
Hanging out in the backyard with Grandpa
Wow- a nice posed picture, only took 30 tries

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Winning

Maybe I need a new 101 list, this happiness project is not going well.  I want to be WINNING EVERY DAY.  I want to recognize that my life is totally BITCHIN' and stop pretending that it's not.  Fuck yeah Charlie Sheen!