Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cap 10K 2011

Results:  PR Baby!  48:35 minutes, 6.28 miles, 7:44/mile pace.  Beating my previous PR of 51:10 from 2007.  Rock on!

It was a great day for a race, 60 degrees and overcast.  Yesterday was 90, so I was a little worried but it ended up being perfect.  Jennifer and I got downtown an hour early, which was ok since the line for the potties was 35 minutes.  I took my Gu, drank my water and looked bitchin' in my new Lululemon running skirt.  It was crowded as always, 23,000 total runners today.  We managed to get to the front of the 'red' bibs, so it wasn't too bad dealing with the slow pokes (sorry slow pokes).  

Break out:

Mile 1: 7:52
Mile 2: 8:06
Mile 3: 7:52
Mile 4: 7:39
Mile 5: 7:30
Mile 6: 7:38
Last .28: 6:49

I felt good enough at the end to kick it up a little but that was about all I had left.  I don't know if I will get any good pictures for this race, it seemed like every time I saw a photographer they would put down their camera to stretch or talk to someone. 

Super happy about my PR.  Results aren't posted under my name for some reason, but my bib 3464 is listed as "unknown". 

I got home and we headed to Double Daves to celebrate my kick assery.  Maddy and I ate the same amount of food because she loves DD.  I even got to take a nap today while Gwen watched TV and colored.  So nice!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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Moni said...

Congrats on the PR! That is crazygonuts awesome.:)