Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I the article about recognizing things that make my kids bananas this morning.  So what did I do?  Totally ignored that advice.  Wednesdays the kids have Playball in the morning, then Splash Day.  I picked them up and took the to the gym so they could play in the Kids Club while I ran.  By the time I picked them up it was 6:30, they were ravenous, tired and missing Mommy (Hungry/Lonely/Tired).  We went to Chick-fil-A, which was ok, they were pretty good.  But by the time we got home it was getting tense.  A stolen necklace and someone getting the wrong water bottle was about all anyone could take before breaking into tears (add Angry).  I realized that I had taken on too much today and pushed everybody, myself included, a little too hard.  We skipped baths and brushing teeth, and everybody got extra cuddles and kisses from Mommy. I am about to crawl into bed myself, neglecting the dishes and email that need attention. 


I like this article on Simple Mom:

Applying the HALT Method: A Checklist for Proactive Parenting

Wednesday Workout

I did Ripped in 30 #1 this morning before getting ready for work.  Then I took the kids to they gym after work to get my run in.  I ran mostly because I wanted Chick-fil-a for dinner and didn't want to feel guilty about it.  Did you know that ONE packet of Chick-fil-A sauce had 140 calories??? I didn't!

As much as I hate the treadmill its nice to run in the air conditioning vs. 80 degrees and also nice to just set the speed and stop paying attention.  I did 10 minute miles with hills, 2 minutes 0 incline and 2 minutes at level 3 for 50 minutes, 5 miles total. 

See Jane Run

See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon on Sunday October 9th, 9am. 
There is a deal on Facebook for 1/2 off registration

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houston Marathon: Check Yo Self

Well well well, lottery results are up and we got into the Houston Marathon.  Hells yeah bitches!  Jennifer and I are in for 26.2 and Jenna for 13.1.  So... now what?  We have 200 days, almost 7 months, to train.  Through the marathon I bought a training plan from Focus-N-Fly.  It factors in your current milage, race pace, days you want to run or cross train, etc.  Or maybe it just makes shit up, I don't know.  It has me running or cross training 6 days a week, which is ambitious to say the least.  I know I've been a little workout crazy the past 2 weeks but that is hardly a trend.  I took a peek at the schedule in December and was exhausted just to see all the long runs.  Whose idea was this again?  Oh, mine.  NO!  It was JENNIFER's  damn it.  I can't really blame her, I've done this before and know better.

So - here we go!  Houston Marathon here we come.

Jenna's advice was "Check yourself before you wreck yourself", truer words never spoken.

From Urban Dictionary, the phrase means "Take a step back and examine your actions, because you are in a potentially dangerous or sticky situation that could get bad very easily. Often in a harmful manner."

or the fuggin original

Tuesday Run

5.00 miles
44:03 minutes
8:48/mile avg
9am - 90 degrees!  NASTY.

I did 1 mile warm up, 4 x .25mile repeats with .25mile recovery + 1 mile cool down
Mile 1: 9:02/mile
.27: 2:05 (7:49/mile)
.23: 2:07 (9:09/mile)
.25: 2:00 (7:58)
.26: 2:20 (9:09)
.25: 1:57 (7:49)
.24: 2:15 (9:14)
.26: 1:56 (7:30)
.24: 2:24 (9:52)
.25: 1:58 (7:46)
.27: 2:34 (9:34)
.28: 2:05 (7:29)
.22: 2:00 (9:21)
Mile 5: 9:28/mile

Result was a really good sweaty run, but I should have made my recovery portions slower and my sprints more consistent.  Something to work on, but pretty damn good ya'll!

Super Cute

Successfully using chop sticks

Attempting to use chop sticks

Pretending to sleep in their new sleeping bags

Monday workout: Ripped

Did Ripped in 30 last night after the kids went to bed.  So far I am not as sore as I was the first time, but I suspect it will creep up on me. 

I got up at the usual 5am today, but instead of running out the door I got up to WORK.  My plan is to catch up on email, do my morning conference call, take the kids to school, go running, then go into work.  The obvious chink in this plan is that the kids will be here while I'm working, and I anticipate they will not politely wait for me to finish my call so they can inform me that so-and-so pushed me, took something from me, or to hear Little J yell "POW-POW" as he runs through the house.  Should be an interesting morning. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday: Gym Day

Took the kids to the gym today.  I missed the start of Zumba class, so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the TRX equipment.  I can't believe it is only 1:45pm - I'm exhausted already.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ever used Stumble Upon?  Its pretty cool.  Free to join and you enter in your interests.  Then if finds websites that you can click through until you "stumble upon" something that is really awesome.  The crafty sites are sweet.  I also found this today at Greatist, very cool infographic. 

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

Saturday: Long Run

8.00 miles
9:43/min avg
with JC and CM
80 degrees, 80% humidity

I am still sore from Ripped in 30, dead lifts really hurt 2-3 days after - yowza!  I am probably sore from cycle class too.  But after spending some time with my foam roller last night I was ready to run off the soreness. Today I did 8 miles, about 5 with Jennifer and 2.5 with Christina.  Yes, 2 months postpartum and Christina is back in the game. The heat and humidity were tough today but we had a little breeze here and there.  This is probably my last long run for a few weeks unless I run an a treadmill, so I wanted to get in a good one. 

After running I iced down my legs.  Ever iced?  This is a great trick.  Save the Styrofoam cups from Chick-fil-A.  Fill with water, leaving about 2 inches from the top.  Freeze.  When you need to ice, peel the top 3-4 inches off so that you still have a good amount to hold on to but the Styrofoam isn't rubbing your legs.  Then rub yourself down, you can even go deep tissue style and really workout the sore spots.  As the ice melts, peel off more of the cup.  At the end you are left with the cup torn to shreds, a nub of ice and numb legs - perfection!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This Makes Me Laugh

Baltimore trip - first pics

Godfather and Godson

John and Amanda on Federal Hill

Rooftop view of Baltimore

Friday Workout: Trainer Session

I did not actually workout today, though I did break a sweat.  With my gym membership I got a free session with a trainer.  I used my hour to have Shanel show me how to use the foam roller, the TRX system, the new stair/elliptical/running machine, some other equipment that I haven't used in years, and do a body fat test.  She was very nice and helpful and showed me a lot of machines I can use in my mission to get my core solid once more. 

Body fat: 23%
Base calories: 1440 (without working out)

She has a BodyBugg which I would love to have if the monthly fee for the website wasn't so expensive.  Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly how many calories you burn in a day?  Well, maybe not that nice.  I suspect I over estimate my actual calorie burn and under estimate what I eat.  Brownies are only like 50 calories right, or is it 250?  Same difference. 

Thursday Workout 2: Cycle Class

I'm paying for this gym membership - I WILL use it!  John and I went to the gym last night and I tried out the Cycle class.  It was not really what I expected, but I enjoyed it and will do it again.  First, the lights were turned down really low.  Second, the sound track was similar to a Pure Moods CD.  It might have been a Pure Moods CD, really.  Third, the instructor took us on a ride through the Spanish mountains.  There was a monastery at the top of the mountain that was our goal.  We sprinted and climbed, enjoying the beautiful Spanish mountains and trails.  Seriously.  Fourth, the instructor really wanted the class to be interactive and was looking for crowd support.  There were 8 people in the class, 3 of us new.  He wanted us to yell and respond to him  yelling.  After awhile I just felt bad for him and decided to yell with him.  It was kind of weird. 

Other than all that, it was a great workout.  I'm sore today, partly from the cycle class and partly from Ripped in 30 on Tuesday.  I like the feeling of being a little sore, it lets me know I did a significant workout and my muscles are getting stronger.

After the gym John and I saw the Green Lantern.  It was good, sort of cheezy at times but enjoyable.  We have our babysitter until the end of August, so we are using her as much as possible!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This article: How to Be a Great Finisher at Harvard Business Review by Heidi Grant Halvorson reminded me of ME!  Especially at work!
Take a good look at the people you work with, and you'll find lots of Good Starters — individuals who want to succeed, and have promising ideas for how to make that happen. They begin each new pursuit with enthusiasm, or at the very least, a commitment to getting the job done.  And then something happens. Somewhere along the way, they lose steam. They get bogged down with other projects. They start procrastinating and miss deadlines. Their projects take forever to finish, if they get finished at all.
This behavior drives me crazy.  I have a terrible habit of working my inbox like a fiend and realizing at the end of the day I got nothing of real value done.  I have been trying to break this habit for the past year by scheduling my time for projects.  David Giese, a life coach and author of this gave a seminar about time management at work.  He explained that you should not start your day until you've planned your day.  Each night before he leaves the office he plans his calendar for the next day.  He alots time for specific tasks to get done, time to answer email, time to each lunch. 

I have been using this with some success.  My problem is that I underestimate the time it takes me to get things done, I don't plan for email, and I cannot stop checking my email.  I am basically LAZY (the horror!).  Rather than do actual work, I do email cause it's easier and usually takes much less energy. 

My husband recently told me that he turns his email OFF and only checks it 3 times a day.  WTF?  I turned off the pop up notification and will now occasionally turn mine off for an hour to focus.  But 3 times a day is INSANITY.  Well, not insanity, but very bold. 

How do you get things done?

Thursday: All By Myself, Don't Wanna Run All By Myself

I kid, I kid. Just giving Jennifer a hard time.

4.2 miles
8:48/mile avg
Sprinted for about .7 miles at the end, that's how I got the 7:58 pace. Also discovered that if I crank up the volume in my iPod to the max, I can leave my headphones off and still hear the music fine. I rarely run with music anymore so it is a treat to have music on, but I dont want to block out sounds I need to hear, like cars or muggers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday: It's RAINING

Last night it RAINED in Pflugerville and we were long overdue.  Thunder, lighting and the power went out for awhile.  When I got up to run it was still thundering and raining a little.  I thought about going back to bed and eventually decided to workout anyway.  I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 workout 1, 34 minutes.  Good workout but not as killer as The Shred, so far anyway.  After I finished that I still had some time and energy left before having to make breakfast for the kids so I did a 15 minute run around the neighborhood.

Ripped in 30: ~ 30 min
Run 1.6 miles
13 minutes
8:45/mile avg

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday Workout: Easy

No cardio Monday, but I did get in 15 minutes of stretching on the foam roller and 15 minutes of abs/back.  I watched this video: How to use a foam roller to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it.  This is one of those things that sort of hurts when I'm doing it but feels great after.  Anyone who has had a sports massage knows it hurts as they workout the kinks and tight spots, but hurts-so-good.  As you roll over it the latic acid in the muscles is released.  It's a poor man's massage.  Good article Here.

Tuesday Run

4.42 miles
40:04 min
9:03/mile avg
With Jennifer
Felt great even though it was disgustingly humid this morning.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Foam Roller

My new friend, the foam roller

New Kicks

L-O-V-E the purple! Brooks Adrenaline 11 in a sweet new color.

Sunday Workout : Stationary Bike

Friday J Sr. and I headed to Baltimore for the weekend for our nephew and Godson's baptism.  I didn't bring any workout stuff and regretted it.  We did a lot of walking but also ate a lot of food.  Sunday I used my sister-in-law's stationary bike for 30 minutes and did some stretching.  I immediatly felt better after getting some cardio in but am really looking forward to running tomorrow.

Friday workout - lame

went to the gym and did a lot of stretching, abs, back and arm work.  45 minutes total.  It was a lazy workout, I didn't have much of a plan when I went in.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moonlight Margarita 5k Race Report

3.12 miles
7:34/mile average
10/89 in division

It was 97 degrees at 8pm last night, still sunny and a bit windy.  The race was held at Lady Bird Lake, not on the trail, on the road along side the trail.  There were about 1200 people running, 430 timed.  Interesting to see the completely different crowd of runners at a downtown race vs. Pflugerville or Round Rock.  It was a younger crowd, I noticed a lot of young childless women with perfect abs that I was jealous of.  Parking and packet pick up were easy and Jennifer & I ended up hanging out for a while before the race started.  We were at the front of the pack at the start, we it was easier to be passed than to have to do a lot of passing.  Bad part is that I started off a little too fast and had to make myself slow down.  I knew with the heat and late time this would not be a PR, but I wanted to do well.  I rarely put a pace goal in my mind, but I should.  It would be more productive than just running balls out.
This was an out and back course, so when the front runners started coming back I counted the women in front of me.  30.  And they were mostly in my age range.  I thought maybe I could pick some off during the last half, but as many as I passed I was passed by someone else.  I ended up the 25th female, 10th in my age group.  Not bad for a downtown race with stiff competition. 
After the race Jennifer and I went up to Taco Cabana for dinner and cheap margaritas.  We experienced the slowest service ever - seriously - so it was a late night. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Workout: Gym

Tomorrow is a race day so I wanted to take it easy but also wanted to take advantage of the gym while I have the free pass.

Stationary bike: 22 min
Treadmill: 10 min
Arms/weights: 5 min

I did the bike/run as an attempt to a brick workout, but I don't think I did either activity long enough, but I did get my heart rate up for 30 minutes.

Diet wise I was pretty bad today: Chick-fil-A and a handful of peanut M&M's.  I am realizing that I am seriously addicted to sugar.  Every day at 1pm I start thinking about chocolate and by 2pm I am getting really pissed off because I can't NOT think about chocolate.  And diet soda.  Monday I didn't bring a soda in my lunch and didn't get down to the cafeteria before it closed.  By 4pm I was begging anyone who would take pity on me to break a $5 so I could buy a soda from the machine, then the damn thing ATE MY DOLLAR.  So fucking pissed.  I'm getting mad just thinking about it.  I went home with a headache that day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Workout: Fartleks

4.00 miles
35:22 min
8:50/mile avg
434 calories
6 fartleks (untimed)

+ 15 minutes abs

Fartleks are a lazy man's speed workout.  What is a "fartlek"?  This is from Runner's World:
Picking up the pace once a week goes a long way toward making you faster. But that doesn't mean you have to race around a track or keep your eye on a watch. Speed play, or "fartlek" in Swedish (the concept originated in Sweden), is a free-flowing format in which you run faster for however long (or short) you want to. Many great athletes, including the Finnish Olympic medalist Lasse Virén, have done their speed training this way. Choose from the two workouts below, or make up your own. Warm up by walking for three minutes, jogging for five, and finishing with six accelerations (of about 80 yards) to get your body ready for a faster pace.
Block Party:
In your city, neighborhood, or office park, use blocks as your "track." You can go around the block or do an out-and-back. Start at a slow pace for five to 10 steps, then gradually increase the pace for 20 to 50 steps, then run at race pace (but not all out) for one full block. Start with two or three fartlek segments and build to six. Walk for one or two minutes between each faster section.

Running Landmark:

Pick a telephone pole, mailbox, stop sign, or anything up ahead and run to it. You can choose one item (all telephone poles, for example) or multiple landmarks to create varying lengths of speed segments. On each segment, gradually pick up the pace until you're running fast but not all out. For the last 20 steps, hold the pace, but focus on relaxing your body and allowing momentum to take over. Walk or jog for half the distance of your repeat, then spot your next landmark and take off again. Continue for a total of 10 to 15 minutes, before running an easy five to 10 minutes to cool down.
I usually do the "Running Landmark" method, but reading this description I am taking a longer rest period.  I like this method of speed work because I don't have to mess with my watch or kill myself but it does get my legs moving faster and over all picks up the pace.

Thursday is the Moonlight Margarita 5k downtown!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Miles

4.25 miles
459 calories
with Jennifer
+ 50 assisted pull ups and 50 push ups

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Other News

 I got a haircut on Friday.  A major haircut!  I had been coloring my hair to cover my growing greys for awhile now.  I really like the model on the box's haircut, so I finally decided to do it already.  I have had similar hair cuts before, so it really isn't that different for me, but I did cut off about 6" of hair.  I also got highlights - a new effort to cover greys.  Afterward I realized that someone else also has a similar hair style... my seester Jenna.  What's that saying?  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

We celebrated Father's Day today.  John is the proud owner of an iPad 2.  We now have more fruit products in our home than the big D.  He has been wanting one for awhile and I thought he would enjoy it on his up coming trip(s).  The kids also enjoy playing Angry Birds on it - we'll see who ends up playing with it more!  We went to brunch at Chez Zee.  I admit this was sort of self serving because I have been wanting to go there for awhile.  It was a great meal and the kids were pretty well behaved - WIN. 

Sunday: Gym Day

Went over to 24 Fitness today to sign up for a 7 day pass.  Its a really nice gym with a lot of amenities, that I will hopefully use at some point.  This is my workout backup plan while John is traveling, I will at least get to workout on the weekends and maybe once during the week if I am unable to get up in the mornings. 

 Today I did:
30:30 on the stair climber (or stairs to no-where)
(2.98 miles/293 calories says the machine)
15 minutes of abs

The stair climber was a decent workout, but pretty boring in the end.  

Cheat Day

My plan this week is to have today be my 'cheat day' and be good the rest of the week until we go to Baltimore.  Being "good" means not eating candy (GAH!), junk food (mmmm...), or alcohol.  Today is my cheat day because we are celebrating Father's Day today and going to Chez Zee for brunch.

Wish me luck!

Saturday "Longish" Run

6.00 miles
57:07 min
9:31/mile avg
654 calories
with Jennifer @ Lake PF


We went over to Lake Pflugerville Saturday morning to do 2 loops and get in our long run.  I am a little bored running in our neighborhood and this is closer than Lady Bird Lake (way closer).  For some reason the 3 mile loop feel so long when we run it.  I'm not sure why.  I do like getting on the gravel trails to get off the streets though.  I will me making Jennifer do this more often (sorry JC).

Total for the week: 20.01 miles!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Workout: zzzzzzzz

Last night I did something I never do, I invited a man into my bed.  Well, a toddler actually, but he took up as much room as a 300 pound man so I'm giving him credit.  Jack woke up crying at about 11.  I would be crying too, he had a dirty diaper and a pretty red bottom.  After cleaning him up he was so sweet and cuddly I asked if he wanted to sleep with Mommy and Daddy for a little while.  MISTAKE.  Yes, it's cute, but none of us got very good sleep.  What is it about toddlers that they sleep horizontal in beds?  I got the feet and no matter how many times I rotated him 90 degrees he would end up back in the same spot.  So it was a rough night of sleep for me.

4.00 miles
36:41 min
9:10/mile average
432 calories
with Jennifer

Abs for 15 minutes after running

I felt tired but pretty good after running.  I'm glad I got up, I will be tired today but I would be in an even worse mood if I didn't run.

Tomorrow: "Long" run day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Healthy Snacks

Having my favorite salad today: mixed greens, gorganzola cheese, sliced apple and raspberry dressing.  Also finishing off the watermelon before it goes bad.  I LOVE watermelon but hate cuting up 10 pounds of it.  The pre-cut containers at HEB are more expensive but worth it.

Add caption
This is my snack for the this afternoon.  I will NOT eat the CANDY in my candy jar.  NO.  I will have a soda or coffee though.  Come 2pm I am seriously jonesing for chocolate and soda. 

Wednesday Workout: Easy Run

46:20 min
9:15/mile average
541 calories
w/ Jennifer


Easy run through the neighborhood this morning.  It was more humid today, but otherwise a normal run.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Biggest Loser - New Foods

Tip of the day - real labels.  I bought a couple of these Odwalla Protein drinks.  They are pretty good and have 20g of protein.  This is a better ingredient list than some other protein drinks, more organic and natual ingredients.  I also bought a whole bunch of yogurt this weekend.  I normally buy the organic greek yogurt, but this time got a variety of flavors to mix things up.  I ALWAYS forget to check the ingredient list on yogurt.  This one has high frutose corn syrup as the second ingredient and Aspartame.  I don't have a problem with either ingredient in moderation, but prefer them not to be in my "healthy" yogurt.   I would rather have yogurt with a little fat than Aspartame and HFCS.  And I prefer my fake suger in diet soda & coffee.

June Focus

May was by default a focus on work, I have been crazy busy and letting myself get stressed out.  I am trying to remember what I told  co-worker the other day "we are NOT saving lives here!"  Chill the F out!

June and July will be focused on organization and family.  Whenever I have the kids on my own for long periods of time I find the best way to combat insanity is to be super  UBER organized.  Not just my normal planning ahead, but going way over the top to keep up with everything.  It's sort of refreshing... for awhile. 

Other focus: outsourcing!  If I can't do it, I can probably pay someone who can, right?

Mom Swim Bike Run: Pay Attention

Mom Swim Bike Run: Pay Attention: "When you’re obsessing about a fat roll, a pimple or a bald spot… Your kids are paying attention. When you’re preoccupied on your computer… ..."

Tuesday Run

5.00 miles
45:33 min
9:06/mile average
538 cal
w/ Jennifer


Nice consistent pace without really trying.  I started off feeling my knees ache, not hurt, just a little sore.  But as long as I watched my form it seemed to fade after the first mile.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Biggest Loser Day 1

My team at work is participating in a Biggest Loser Competition.  Today is weigh in day: 142 pounds (with clothes on!).  We weigh again at the midpoint in July and the competition closes in August.  My goal is to lose 5%, which would put me right below 135 pounds.  Normally I like to be around 138 so I'm glad to have a motivator to get me to my "preferred" weight.

Monday Workout: Fail

I really like getting a workout in on Monday, it sets a good tone for the rest of the week.  This week is not starting out well.  Last night I was up later than I intended reading (The Girl Who Played with Fire).  I had too much coffee in the afternoon, so was wired.  The kids are all sort of sick, not sick enough for medicine but crabby and feeling yucky.  About 10:15 Jack started making noise, crying softly and whimpering.  I went in a few times to console him and finally gave him pain reliever at about midnight and slept with him for a bit.  By this point I knew I wasn't going to get up to run.  I definitely needed the extra hour of sleep, but I miss my morning run. 

What was more fun was Gwen crying about her waffles this morning and Jack using his new favorite phrases, "I don't want to" and "Why?" all morning.  Meh to Monday.  I wish I could say I would work out this evening, but I have 2 conference calls.  Maybe I'll do sit ups and push ups while working with my peers in Taipei and Penang?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday "Longish" Run

6.44 miles
9:20/mile average
700 calories
w/ Jennifer


Pretty easy run through the neighborhood this morning.  Was about 70 degrees and didn't get humid until we finished. 

John is taking a work trip soon and will be gone for a few weeks.  I need figure out how I"m going to get my runs or workouts in. I don't mind taking a week off, or doing a workout video at home for a couple days.  But 3 weeks of not running will be a negative to my mood.  Thinking about joining 24 Hour Fitness for the summer or the gym at work.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Run: the Monica

Monica wrote about how she did a workout of 1 mile warm up and 20 minutes all out.  I decided to that today.  Nice morning, only 68 degrees and not too humid.

Total: 4.51 mile
8:56/mile avg
491 calories

mile 1: 10:32 (warm up)
Mile 2: 8:20
Mile 3: 8:10
Mile 3.5: 7:48
Mile 4.5: 9:18 (cool down)

After stretching I did 10 minutes of abs

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Other insane things

I am intrigued by this, which I read about at Run Faster Mommy.

27 days until insanity

Lottery registration complete, 27 days until we find out if we're in or out.

Monday Lunch Date with Little J

Big J and I wanted to try Moonies in Pflugerville this weekend.  The girls were being total brats Monday morning, crying about everything.  I finally decided we should forget going out, I would rather suffer at home than in public.  Big J could see I was loosing patience and sent Little J and I off to lunch.  This place was pretty great.  It's in the old Dot's location, for those of you in the area.  I had the Blue Moon Burger - delicious.  Little J had the corn dog bites - he ate them all and yelled for more.  Kids also get a free snow cone with their meal - flavors include bubble gum, cherry, lime and Tiger's Blood (not kidding).  Little J went with blue and kept himself busy with it while waiting for our food.

Great place to eat.  They have a family special for 4 for $20.  Reasonable priced, close to home and good food - we'll be going back.

Protein Shmotein

Been doing some reading/listening about what you're supposed to eat after working out.  The answer is protein.  Protein assists with muscle recovery and also keeps you feeling full longer than carbs.  Since I workout early, I don't always have time to boil eggs or even eat cereal in the midst of the morning routine with the kids.  This weekend I bought Muscle Milk (contains no milk) at Sam's Club.  Giving it a try for a few weeks.  Muscle Milk (contains no milk) doesn't taste too bad and is 180 calories.  The only thing I don't like about Muscle Milk (contains no milk) is that it is completely un-natural.  Not that I'm super organic-girl, but I like to be able to read an ingredients list and know what I'm eating.

Other breakfast options: Black beans & pico on a tortilla, wheat bread with peanut butter and banana, Kashi cereal, Kashi cereal bars, or Mojo bars.

Wednesday Workout

35:35 minutes
8:55/mile avg
w/ Jennifer


Run and talking, no agenda today

Lottery sign up for the Houston Marathon opens today!