Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday: Long Run

8.00 miles
9:43/min avg
with JC and CM
80 degrees, 80% humidity

I am still sore from Ripped in 30, dead lifts really hurt 2-3 days after - yowza!  I am probably sore from cycle class too.  But after spending some time with my foam roller last night I was ready to run off the soreness. Today I did 8 miles, about 5 with Jennifer and 2.5 with Christina.  Yes, 2 months postpartum and Christina is back in the game. The heat and humidity were tough today but we had a little breeze here and there.  This is probably my last long run for a few weeks unless I run an a treadmill, so I wanted to get in a good one. 

After running I iced down my legs.  Ever iced?  This is a great trick.  Save the Styrofoam cups from Chick-fil-A.  Fill with water, leaving about 2 inches from the top.  Freeze.  When you need to ice, peel the top 3-4 inches off so that you still have a good amount to hold on to but the Styrofoam isn't rubbing your legs.  Then rub yourself down, you can even go deep tissue style and really workout the sore spots.  As the ice melts, peel off more of the cup.  At the end you are left with the cup torn to shreds, a nub of ice and numb legs - perfection!

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