Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monday Lunch Date with Little J

Big J and I wanted to try Moonies in Pflugerville this weekend.  The girls were being total brats Monday morning, crying about everything.  I finally decided we should forget going out, I would rather suffer at home than in public.  Big J could see I was loosing patience and sent Little J and I off to lunch.  This place was pretty great.  It's in the old Dot's location, for those of you in the area.  I had the Blue Moon Burger - delicious.  Little J had the corn dog bites - he ate them all and yelled for more.  Kids also get a free snow cone with their meal - flavors include bubble gum, cherry, lime and Tiger's Blood (not kidding).  Little J went with blue and kept himself busy with it while waiting for our food.

Great place to eat.  They have a family special for 4 for $20.  Reasonable priced, close to home and good food - we'll be going back.

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