Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Workout: zzzzzzzz

Last night I did something I never do, I invited a man into my bed.  Well, a toddler actually, but he took up as much room as a 300 pound man so I'm giving him credit.  Jack woke up crying at about 11.  I would be crying too, he had a dirty diaper and a pretty red bottom.  After cleaning him up he was so sweet and cuddly I asked if he wanted to sleep with Mommy and Daddy for a little while.  MISTAKE.  Yes, it's cute, but none of us got very good sleep.  What is it about toddlers that they sleep horizontal in beds?  I got the feet and no matter how many times I rotated him 90 degrees he would end up back in the same spot.  So it was a rough night of sleep for me.

4.00 miles
36:41 min
9:10/mile average
432 calories
with Jennifer

Abs for 15 minutes after running

I felt tired but pretty good after running.  I'm glad I got up, I will be tired today but I would be in an even worse mood if I didn't run.

Tomorrow: "Long" run day.

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