Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday workout: Ripped

Did Ripped in 30 last night after the kids went to bed.  So far I am not as sore as I was the first time, but I suspect it will creep up on me. 

I got up at the usual 5am today, but instead of running out the door I got up to WORK.  My plan is to catch up on email, do my morning conference call, take the kids to school, go running, then go into work.  The obvious chink in this plan is that the kids will be here while I'm working, and I anticipate they will not politely wait for me to finish my call so they can inform me that so-and-so pushed me, took something from me, or to hear Little J yell "POW-POW" as he runs through the house.  Should be an interesting morning. 

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