Friday, June 17, 2011

Moonlight Margarita 5k Race Report

3.12 miles
7:34/mile average
10/89 in division

It was 97 degrees at 8pm last night, still sunny and a bit windy.  The race was held at Lady Bird Lake, not on the trail, on the road along side the trail.  There were about 1200 people running, 430 timed.  Interesting to see the completely different crowd of runners at a downtown race vs. Pflugerville or Round Rock.  It was a younger crowd, I noticed a lot of young childless women with perfect abs that I was jealous of.  Parking and packet pick up were easy and Jennifer & I ended up hanging out for a while before the race started.  We were at the front of the pack at the start, we it was easier to be passed than to have to do a lot of passing.  Bad part is that I started off a little too fast and had to make myself slow down.  I knew with the heat and late time this would not be a PR, but I wanted to do well.  I rarely put a pace goal in my mind, but I should.  It would be more productive than just running balls out.
This was an out and back course, so when the front runners started coming back I counted the women in front of me.  30.  And they were mostly in my age range.  I thought maybe I could pick some off during the last half, but as many as I passed I was passed by someone else.  I ended up the 25th female, 10th in my age group.  Not bad for a downtown race with stiff competition. 
After the race Jennifer and I went up to Taco Cabana for dinner and cheap margaritas.  We experienced the slowest service ever - seriously - so it was a late night. 

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