Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Protein Shmotein

Been doing some reading/listening about what you're supposed to eat after working out.  The answer is protein.  Protein assists with muscle recovery and also keeps you feeling full longer than carbs.  Since I workout early, I don't always have time to boil eggs or even eat cereal in the midst of the morning routine with the kids.  This weekend I bought Muscle Milk (contains no milk) at Sam's Club.  Giving it a try for a few weeks.  Muscle Milk (contains no milk) doesn't taste too bad and is 180 calories.  The only thing I don't like about Muscle Milk (contains no milk) is that it is completely un-natural.  Not that I'm super organic-girl, but I like to be able to read an ingredients list and know what I'm eating.

Other breakfast options: Black beans & pico on a tortilla, wheat bread with peanut butter and banana, Kashi cereal, Kashi cereal bars, or Mojo bars.


Moni said...

Egg whites are a good fave of mine! Very versatile.

Renee said...

I think that stuff has lots of sugar too - I think. If you like nonbreakfast foods - do up a few pieces of chicken and make a chicken and bean quesidila - I do this - easy and portable

Christy said...

Jake used to drink this stuff. Take that for what it's worth.