Saturday, September 27, 2008

#52 Have Baby's Room Ready 1 month before due date

Technically, my due date was 10/8, so I might have gotten this in under the wire. The babies were born 8/29 and I had their room put together they way I wanted it a week or so after. I could not do much before they were born, but John did get the furniture put together and all their stuff was in their room. Since the babies were in the NICU for 2 weeks, I had the room ready before they came home.

#49 Potty Train Gwen & 48 into a Big Bed

I have been avoiding these mostly because of my own laziness, but also because there has been so much going on I didn't want to put too much pressure on Gwen. However, potty training is now upon us, whether we like it or not. Gwen is now - BIG. Comparing her to Maddy, it is ridiculous to keep changing diapers on such a big person. Then, last night, Gwen was in her crib and was playing. John went up to remind her that it was time for bed. Over the monitor I heard John say "Why Gwen? Why did you do that?" The first thing I thought of was that she had done some poop art, but when I went to investigate, I saw that she had taken off her pj bottoms and her diaper and was trying to put the diaper on her baby doll. Kinda cute really. She had never taken her own clothes off before, but if she can then she can also take them off whenever she wants and potentially go the the bathroom wherever she wants too - not good.

#37 Make Healthy Meals - failure

Haha, I have barely cooked at all in months.

#28 Take Pictures Every Week

No problem taking pictures, except that they are mostly of the twins. I'm not too interested in being in pictures myself.

#15 Ask for Help When I Need It

I am marking this as complete for now, but will make sure to keep up with it. I hate asking for help. It makes me uncomfortable, makes me feel like I owe favors in return, and makes me feel like I am lame for not being able to do everything myself. But the past few months have taught me many lessons - one of which is that it is OK to ask for help. So many people have been generous with their help and support. Friends have watched Gw. for us while we were with the twins in the hospital or had play dates with her. Friends have made us meals, which have been so wonderful. I had many visitors in the hospital to keep me company and made sure I didn't loose my mind. Friends helped us move and unpack - which we totally didn't deserve since we hate helping people move. My parents came to Austin for THREE weeks to help us and it was wonderful. My girlfriends threw me a wonderful baby shower, my co-workers gave us a generous gift. And I know people have been praying for us as we went through all this craziness with the twins and moving. Most of these things I didn't really even have to ask for, so that made it easier to accept help.

I decided that when the time comes, I will return all these favors and pay it forward when others are in need. There will be hard times for everyone and we will do what we can to help when people need it. And maybe we will have a big 1 year celebration for the twins birthday and invite everyone who helped us get through the pregnancy, moves and first year of having THREE kids.

Long Hiatus

Obviously, I haven't updated my list in awhile. Now that I have the hands free pumping going, I can spend a little more time updating - in 20 minute increments. The past few months I haven't gotten much done since I was on bed rest and physically unable to do very much. And I haven't blogged because I was in the hospital with no internet access. So - lots of excuses. I have several items in progress now though and will try to do better about updating everything and actually working on this freakin list.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What I've Been Up To

No updates, I've been busy