Sunday, August 28, 2011

Workout Recap: August 22-28

Oye, had a really crappy week physically.  I feel like I may be finally over my cold, thanks to a Z-Pac and getting a lot of sleep and very little exercise.  Back to it this week!

Monday: Nada
Tuesday: Zilch
Wednesday: Bubkiss
Thursday: 3.89 miles, 39:06 min, 10:04/mile average
Friday: 4.00 miles, 39:13 min, 9:48/mile average
Saturday: 9.00 miles, 1:28:20, 9:49/mile average
Sunday: Rest day

I just finished a running book where the author gave advise about running while sick.  He said that if you are sick from the head up, it's probably ok to keep running.  If you are feeling bad in the rest of your body, it is better to stop and get better.  So a runny nose is ok to run through, but body aches/fever/stomach upset is a good reason to stay in bed.  And I agree.  I felt like crap Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday so-so and Thursday decided I needed to go SLOW.  I am still feeling a little 'off' and dehydrated, but ready to get back to the routine.  Though, I did enjoy forcing Jennifer to slow down, it doesn't happen very often.

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