Sunday, August 14, 2011

Workout Recap: August 8-14

Great week!
Monday: Maintenance Run 5.5 miles, 52:01, 9:27/mile avg
Tuesday: Track 4.0 miles, 37:45 (WUP, 2x.75 @ 8:00 pace), cool down
Wednesday: 6 Week 6 Pack video 35 min
Thursday: Tempo Run 5.0 miles, 46:19, 9:16/avg
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Body Pump class @ 24 Hour Fitness
Sunday: Long Run, 10.0 miles, 1:37:04, 9:42/mile

Total mileage:  24.50 miles

Monday is the final weigh in for the Biggest Loser at work.  Saturday morning I weighed in at a year low of 134.6 pounds, probably the lowest weight since the aftermath of the twins 2.5 years ago when lack of sleep, eating, nursing and stress got me down to 129.  That is when people started giving me funny looks and asking if I was ok - too thin to look healthy.  135 is always my goal weight and usually I hover right below 140.  As far as the Biggest Loser competition goes, I am going out to eat with John to night as an early anniversary celebration, so I will probably not weigh in at my low number.  This is our last week with our favorite babysitter before she goes off to Texas Tech!  We will all miss her.  A dinner out is bad timing for the competition, but well worth it for what may be our last date night for awhile. 

Congrats to my running buddy Jennifer for placing 2nd in her age group at the 5k for Clay this weekend!  You rocked it girl!

Next week's schedule is about the same overall mileage.  We have one more week until Gwen starts school and our running schedule may have to be slightly adjusted to get everyone out the door on time. 

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