Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week of Kinder

My baby girl is all grown-up!  Well, she's five anyway and finished her first week of Kindergarten.  Gwendolyn did awesome.  Tuesday John took Jack and Maddy to daycare early so that we could walk to school with Gwen.  John and I walked with her, as she wore her too big backpack and lunch box, beaming with pride over our big girl.  We had met her teacher the previous week, so knew where her classroom was and had already dropped off her supplies.  We walked her down to the classroom and she went right in and found her spot, waved good-bye and started the new school year.  And that was it.  No drama or tears, thank goodness. 

The first day John and I were DYING to hear all the details her day.  She obliged, but was annoyed by all our questions.  On Wednesday Gwen said that she "already told you yesterday!"  GAH!  Lucky for us she and Connor (my bestie's son) are in the same class and sit together, so I have a secondary source of information.  He doesn't tell Jennifer anything either, but eventually I will get some gossip.  So far it sounds like she is doing well and learning about the rules of her new school.  Murchison school spirit means putting "bubbles in your mouth and your hands behind your back", so shut your mouth and keep your hands to yourself! 

In other news soccer practice starts this week, religious ed starts in a few weeks and I am still debating about dance class or Daisy's. 

Next week: an review of Jack and Maddy's 3rd birthday!

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