Monday, September 26, 2011

Casa Superhero 5K Race Report

I have not been posting lately, so sorry for the 3 people that actually read this.

Race update: this weekend I ran the Casa Superhero 5k at the Domain in Austin, with Jennifer and Christina.  It was a nice day, good race, fun costumes, and great results!  I PR'd with a time of 22:52, 7:20 minutes/mile on average.  My goal was to PR (my previous time was 23:18 from April), so I am very excited.  I knew this was my best chance for the fall with marathon training.  I also placed 2nd in my age group, which is really cool. 

Mile one was into the wind.  The first 1/4 mile was challenging getting around people.  At the first turn around point I counted the women in front of me - 10.  I passed one quick (ended being the master's winner), number 8 I ran with most of the race.  I was pretty sure she was younger than me and she was definitely smaller than me (tiny).  At the 2 mile mark she passed me, then I passed her in the final mile.  It was motivating to have someone to pace, and by the end of mile 2 I knew I would at least PR.  Worst part of the race was the last 1/4 mile when we had to run PAST the finish line for a final loop.  It felt like it should be the end but no.  

Gwendolyn run the kids k portion of the race, dressed in cape and mask.  She had a great time and ran the whole thing.  John, Jack and Maddy came too to cheer us on, which was really nice. 

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