Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Workout Report 10/24 - 10/30 and Bonehead of the Week

Monday - Maintenance run: 5.15 miles, 47:32, 9:14/mile avg, w/ JC
Tuesday - Track: WUP; 4x500m @ 7:43/mile + 3:00 recovery; CD.  6.00 miles, 51:54, 8:39/mile avg
Wednesday - 6 week 6 pack, 35 min
Thursday - Tempo: WUP; 30 min marathon pace; CD. 6.01 miles, 54:28, 9:04/mile avg (too fast), w/JC
Friday - 30 minutes arms & abs
Saturday - "rest"
Sunday - Long run: 12:10 miles, 1:49:37, 9:04/mi avg (too fast)

Friday I wore my ole' black boots with the heel and by the end of the day my messed up big toe was killing me.  John mocks my sensitive toes, but it was killing me almost all day Saturday.  By Sunday I could feel it but it wasn't nearly as painful.  Stupid kids dropping shit on my feet!

Sunday was our long run.  Jennifer and I planned to meet at 6am, which means I need to leave at 5:50.  So I set my alarm for 5:15, giving myself enough time to get dressed, eat something, drink water and go to the bathroom.  I groggily woke up about 4:30, and snuggled back in bed glad for another 45 minutes of sleep.  My alarm went off at 5:15 and I dragged myself up.  Clock in the bathroom reads: 6:15.  Clock on my phone reads: 6:15.  Mother effer.  My 15 year old alarm clock though today was the F-ing end of day light savings time, so had "rolled back" the clock for me.  GAH!  I knew Jennifer would have already been at our meeting spot at 6:00, would have gotten to my house at 6:10 and seen it completely dark.  In panic mode I run downstairs, turn on the outside lights - no Jennifer.  I text "COME BACK!!!" hoping she might go home and check her phone.  No luck.  So I grab all my crap in record time and get out the door at 6:24.  We run a pretty standard loop around our neighborhood, but I really had no idea if she would run the regular route or run it backwards, or might come home early.  Turns out she decided to do the full 12 and ran it backwards.  I eventually caught up with her at her half way point, 3 miles in for me.  I was glad to see her, I felt like a dummy for getting up late, but was very glad she decided to do it without me (good girl!)! 

She finished off 12 and I had 3 to go.  I ate a Gu.  My digestive system decides Gu in means I have to go to the bathroom - NOW!  See, I neglected my normal second bathroom trip when I sprinted out the door this morning.  I was fine for the first 10 miles, but there's only so long I can go before I have to 'go'.  It was daylight, there were people out, even if I was brave enough to drop trou' in the open I can't do it in daylight!  This becomes a race to the finish.  The faster I run, the more I have to 'go', but I really don't want to crap my pants.  At 11.5 miles I drop my water bottle and belt on the lawn, unlock the door, knock innocent children out of the way and dart into the bathroom. 

Afterward, I jog around the block to cool down and finish the last .5 I owe to the running gods. 

Two lessons for today.  One, get a new alarm clock that isn't so smart.  Two, the second bathroom break is worth the extra time.

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