Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running Playlist

I've been thinking about my running playlist and what I want to listen to for the marathon.  On weekday runs I generally don't listen to music.  I'm running with Jennifer most days and we chat a lot, and I also feel more aware of my surroundings when I don't have head phones on.  But for long runs and the marathon I know I will want some music to occupy my mind. 

What do I like?  Fast paced music.  I consistently like Emimem Lose Yourself and Beastie Boys Sabatoge during any race.  I put a lot of music I THINK I will like on my running play list, and then end up being very annoyed when it comes on.  So, I'm putting some thought into my music and maybe trying some new things out. 

In a related post on Another Mother Runner, has some tips for creating running play lists today. 

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