Thursday, January 6, 2011

Month 1 Money - HP Progress

Pathetic.  What did I shamefully spend money on this week?

a dust ruffle for Jack's bed. $20
candy bars at the checkout (for me, not the kids so I don't feel too guilty). $1.00
Christmas wrapping paper.  75% off, but now what I am going to do with it!? $5.00

What did I spend money on that was worth while?
A new crock pot. My crock pot of 7 years died while making chili this weekend.  I replaced it the next day, but for $19.99 I think it was money well spent.  I did comparison shop online before buying from Target. 
Buzz Lightyear sheets for Jack.  I like to have 2 sets of sheets per bed, so I don't have to wait for laundry to change them.  Jack's room has a "space" theme, so I think this was reasonable for $20.  And, he is now sleeping in his big-boy bed, so I think it is a win. 

What did I NOT spend money on?
Coffee - I really wanted Starbucks a few afternoons this week but stopped myself, instead I ate 5 mini candy bars from the jar on my desk
Saved on lunch - 30% off at Pluckers Wednesday, free chips at Firehouse Thursday.  Yes - I could have saved even more by not going out. 

To do next week: expense review.  BLAH.  Wish list.  Yeah!  Write down all expenses.  Blah.


JennAventures said...

I am all kinds of excited that I did not go out to lunch at all this week!

Christina said...
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