Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been awhile since I...

Posted. It is just so busy here. Even with hired help a couple days a week I feel like I get nothing accomplished. But I have some good things going on too.

What am I MOST EXCITED ABOUT?!?! Running! I ran for the first time in about a year today. And I have to say it was awesome. Now I am just hoping not to have any weird pain tomorrow. Thoughts about running:
1 - Running in Pflugerville is fugging windy. It is ridiculous.
2 - I love running by myself. It is a rare opportunity to clear my head and allow myself to breathe.
3 - It was a beautiful day, sunny, crisp and clear
4 - I really missed running. I know I won't get to do it as often as I was pre-twins (4 times per week including a long run on the weekend), but I would like to run at least twice a week. We have jogging strollers to fit all the little Mills, so John and I both want to get into the habit of taking them out as often as possible.
5 - Running gives me a natural high that is better than coffee. After that run I was in a great mood. Probably the best in months (ask the random people that have called me out for being... less than cheerful lately).

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Technicolor_Jenn said...

Less than cheerful? You? No! Lol-granted you haven't pulled a Bill Gray...