Sunday, February 15, 2009

53. Nurse new baby for 12 weeks (or pump)

Whew - I kicked this goal's ass. It has been 5 and half months of pumping. I finally returned my turbo rental pump this week, and am down to pumping 3 x per day with my travel pump. Oddly enough, pumping for the twins was less of a mental battle than when I did for Gwen. I think that providing the essential nutrients and antibodies for 2 babies was well worth it. And I KNOW it made a difference. Even being in day care neither one has had an ear infection or gotten seriously ill. Well, until this weekend, Madeline has a wicked cold. I felt a little guilty about wanting to quit, until I went on the run I mentioned below and remembered how great I feel after running and I would like to do so more often, which is difficult when pumping 5 times a day. I do feel sad about not getting to really breastfeed. I would not have done it exclusively with the twins (16 x per day? say what?), but it would have been wonderful to have that special time with them.

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