Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sucker for a Deal

Ugh.  I am a sucker.  I saw on Facebook late last week the Austin Marathon page teasing a deal that would get any hold outs to sign up for the marathon or half on 2/17.  Pfft - what could possibly entice me?

Anyone who signed up Monday 1/21 would receive free entry into next year's Austin half or Austin marathon.  ...  For some reason I found this so tantalizing my first thought was "oh, well I guess we're doing that then."  It really isn't THAT great of a deal, we save $20-30 vs. just signing up for early registration next year.  But it was the little push Jennifer and I were looking for. 

I am 100% positive after Livestrong (ahem - maybe why registration needs encouragement) last year I swore I would never do this race again.  I'm an idiot. 

Side note: people on Facebook are enraged about this discount.  Runners who signed up early are crying all over the internet.  Sucks if you signed up last week, but if you signed up months ago you got a better deal.  Its really not that hard to understand, registration is probably down and the cost of running the race is mostly fixed.  The more people sign up, the more $ the race recovers. 

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