Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Great Wolf Fun Part 1

For the kids Christmas gift this year, from John and I, we decided to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for 3 days and 2 nights of kid entertainment.  In the end it was more money than we would have spent on gifts but less "stuff" that we do not need.  Just 2 weeks before Christmas Gwen asked me when we were going back to Great Wolf Lodge, they had so much fun on our first visit in July.  I said "I don't know" but was very glad it was on her mind.

Christmas Day they opened gifts from Santa, Aunts & Uncles, and Grandma B.  It was PLENTY of stuff.  The very last gift was a bag with the stuffed animal wolves and a note that said something to the effect of "we're your new wolf puppies, name us, love us... yada/yada/yada.  Come visit our home at Great Wolf Lodge yada/yada/yada."  It should have just read "GREAT WOLF LODGE" and it would have been more dramatic. 

So, on Sunday the 30th the kids were bursting with excitement, bags packed and ready to go.  We drove up to the lodge and got there at 1:30.  Our room was ready  and we quickly got ready to hit the water park.  After some swim time we enjoyed the other hotel activities. 


brought her favorite toys

For this trip we got the kids the "Paw Pass", this included a bunch of the hotel activities that you could pay individually but with the pass it was cheaper.  We didn't do this the first trip, and I knew the kids wanted to do most of the activities so we went all in.

First mission - ICE CREAM!

Then it was time to begin MagiQuest.  This was pretty cool.  Gwen loved it, but Jack and Maddy were maybe a year too young to really enjoy it, or have the energy.  Each kid got a magic wand and is sent on quests throughout the hotel to find clues and earn ruins that make them, I don't know, senior magi?  The clues are hidden in stairwells, the lobby, hallways, through the 8 floors of the hotel.  It was exhausting, but super fun.

Yes, that is how much Maddy liked it

Little wizard
The kids also got stuffed animals, Build-a-Bear style, and dress them up.  Jack's wolf, Blizzard, was his constant companion the rest of the trip.

Violet and Gwen

Jack and Blizzard

We finished up the night with story time in the lobby that included SNOW!  Or as close as we'll get to snow anyway.


Waiting for the story with their buddies


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