Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge Part 2

Day 2 the kids were up bright and early.  Jack slept with me and even with the dark hotel curtains he saw the edges of light and said "I'll just check if its morning" as the threw open the curtains and then turned on all the lights.  We did breakfast in the room, after picking up fruit and muffins the night before.

Then it was divide and conquer.  Even though the kids were mostly well behaved, we did have the typical grouchy behavior, whining, complaining, pouting, etc, as each kid took a turn being a jerk.  It was Jack's turn Monday morning, so while John took the girls I went with Jack to the arcade.  He was very excited to find the 'candy' game, and spent all this tokens winning and eating candy.

Jack and Blizzard ride the bus
Punching ducks

After that Maddy joined us to visit the Cub Club.  With their Paw Pass they got color a pillow case or t-shirt.  Jack picked the t-shirt and Maddy went with the pillow case (which Gwen also chose later).

Craft time in da Cub Club

Jack and Blizzard at the Cub Club

Attention to detail
Meanwhile, John and Gwen were in the water park, enjoying the big slides and swimming.  They ate lunch together and also visited the Cub Club.  Jack, Maddy and Mom went to lunch.  Mommy had a well deserved beer, which was not photographed.

Maddy with her adorable wolf ears

After that we went back to the room to attempt naps.  Mom, Dad and Jack fell asleep but the girls did not.  After 90 minutes I finally dragged myself up (no small feat after the afternoon beer) and took the girls back to the pool.  By the way, all three kids have declared they are NOT going to sleep New Year's Eve and plan to stay up all night.  I plan to go to bed at 9.

please, Mom, no more photos

Gwen on the kiddie slide


Maddy might be getting tired?

Great Wolf Lodge had a bunch of New Year's Eve activities planned to entertain the kids and the place was getting packed.  We made giant snowflakes, went to the dance party and then walked a half mile through the hotel the the conference center.  They had balloon animals, face painting, party hats and games.  The face painting line was already too long, so we got our party blowers (so f-ing loud) and headed to dinner.  Oh! I almost forgot the MAGICIAN!  There was a magician doing shows and he was pretty good, the kids thought he was hilarious.

Now he's happy!
Dinner was kind of a bust.  We did the NYE buffet but by the time we sat the kids were just too tired to really eat.  We got put at a 4 top because the place was jam packed, but they comped a meal for us (and didn't charge for the twins).  Gwen complained her stomach hurt, tears and wailing.  When I suggested she just eat dessert, her stomach got better quickly. 

The kids still swear they will not sleep.  It must have been 8:30 by now.  I convinced Jack and Maddy to get their pajamas on while John and Gwen continues on their magical quests.  Maddy really wanted to go back to the dance party and actually talked Jack into going, so off we went to dance, dance, dance.

This was pretty funny.  Typical guy, Jack feels awkward dancing, so he sat on the side half the time looking annoyed.  Then the music would change and he would run out and dance like a maniac.  So "Macarena" - no dancing.  "Cotton Eyed Joe" - dancing fool.  There was a DJ playing kid appropriate music, most kids were 3-14.  There were also 2 young guys leading the dances and a 12-13 year old kid (one of the other guys' brother) dancing.  This 13 year old was dancing all the moves to what I think was a One Direction song, lip syncing and everything.  Maddy was hypnotized.  (it was dark in the room, but my flash makes this look less fun). 

The dancing is amazing

After Jack had all the dancing he could put up with we headed back to the room.  I assumed once these kids laid down they would be asleep in 5 minutes.  No, no.  They watched New Year's Rockin' Eve until 10.  Then John put on PBS, showing the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, snooze fest, right?  Nope, they were all in.  Finally Maddy dropped off about 10:30, followed by John and Gwen by 11.  Jack and I were the last ones and Jack may have been the last one up. 

Fun night!  It was a great New Year's Eve with the family!

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