Sunday, January 6, 2013

What to do? What to do?

I am currently not signed up for any races and have no definite race plan.  It feels very weird to me.

These are some races I'm considering:

Race Name Date Distance
3M 1/2 Marathon 1/13/2013 13.1
Cupids Chase 5K/Kids K Georgetown 2/2/2013 5K
Austin Marathon 2/17/2013 26.2
Woodlands Marathon 3/2/2013 26.2
Thin Mint Sprint/kids K 3/23/2013 5k
Texas Independence Relay 3/23/2013 13
Austin 10/20 4/14/2013 10
Big D Marathon Dallas 4/14/2013 26.2
OKC Marathon 4/28/2013 26.2
Pittsburgh Marathon 5/5/2013 26.2
Detuschen Pfest 5/19/2013 5k
Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati 5/5/2013 26.2
Chicago Marathon 10/13/2013 26.2
Detroit Marathon 10/20/2013 26.2
Adoption Half Marathon or Marathon Oct-13
Houston Marathon Jan-14 26.2
Disney World Marathon Jan-14 26.2
Disney Princess Half Marathon Feb-14 13.1

Don't think I'm crazy, I won't do all those marathons.  I will pick 1 as my goal race for the next 6-12 months.  I'm just torn about what to do.  I did a lot of training to get to 26.2 and finish in 3:35.  5 days a week of running, 2 speed work and 1 long.  And I really followed the plan - for realz!  So part of me wants to capitalize on what I have already built and go for a spring marathon.  BUT I also have this annoying, nagging pain in my butt.  My right hamstring has been poking me for over a month and I think the only real solution is rest.  That means a fall or winter marathon.  Pro there is I could qualify in 3:40 (my current qualifying time for age 35 in 2015 is 3:40).  Con is starting my training all over in a few months. 

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