Monday, January 21, 2013

A dog walks up to bar

yes, it's sideways, but 20 minutes later I'm giving up

Today Gwen had no school and a doctor's appointment in the morning.  I let her stay home the rest of the day instead of going to after school care.  She entertained herself building a giant fort, making Valentines and playing outside.  At one point she was in the front yard.  From my seat in the office I could see her doing something in the bushes, picking weeds or seeds, whatever she does.  Then I glance up and there is a HUGE black dog in front of the window, also in the bushes with Gwen.  Just looking at her while she nervously backs away.  He wasn't scary, as you might be able to tell by looking at him sideways above.  He just wandered up, saw a small human and thought he'd say 'ello' I guess.

I came out front and he happily asked for pets.  There were a few neighbors out washing cars or playing with their kids, but no one looking for their dog.  Mr Bo (as we are calling him), had a chain on but no tags.  He was clearly well fed, friendly and an older fellow so he belonged to someone.  We sat with him outside for a bit, well Gwen climbed onto John's truck and watched from 5 feet away, and gave him some water.  I was debating what to do when I got a work call I had to take.  I took Mr Bo into the backyard, which he was more than happy to do, and he barley knows me!  While working I sent an email to the HOA to post a picture on our 'lost pets' message board.  I made a little flyer and hung it near the community mailboxes.  I also posted a message on the city's 'lost pet' Facebook page.  This was all before 1:30pm. When I picked up the other 2 from pre-school I drove slowly through the closest streets to see if anyone's back gate was open, no luck.

I threw the ball around the yard for Mr Bo for 20 minutes, this guy didn't not travel far today, he was out of breath after 3 throws, (but really pushy about throwing the ball).  And when I sat down he was all "pet me, pet me, slobber, slobber". 

So now it's 8:30pm.  This guy has been missing from his family for quite a while.  I was really hoping I would get a call around dinner and he would get rescued.  It's going to be a low of 40 tonight and this poor bastard is sleeping on my porch.  John is allergic to dogs so I really can't let him in the house, and who knows what kind of weird quirks he has (I chew anything wooden!  I like to poo in dark corners where you won't find it for weeks!).  He was probably just out for a short walk around the block and now he's been dog napped by some lady who won't let him come in the house.

~sigh~ so, now I gotta figure out what to do with my new friend. 

Tuesday night Bo's owner called.  He saw my flyer on the mailbox and knew it must be his dog.  Turns out he lives around the corner and HIS NAME IS ACTUALLY BO/BEAU.  Seriously, how crazy is that?  So our new friend is back at home with his family.


JennAventures said...

Let him sleep in the garage or the laundry room

Amanda M said...

He got to sleep in the laundry room on Monday. I laid out some towels for him and he was happy for a warm bed.

Christina Malek said...

Very happy to see this post and that you took care of poor Bo/BEAU. We need more people like you to care for our furrrrrrrbabies