Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elphie 2012

A few of Elphie's adventures this year.  Or - Elphinious Sparkle Pants fun at the Mills.

Our elf returned this year after Thanksgiving and there was much screaming and hubbub his first day in the house.  Each morning he was in a different spot and the kids were eager to find him each day.  Sometimes he left treats, like candy canes, Hershey Kisses, glow sticks.  Sometimes he hid in their rooms and played with their toys.  Occasionally Jack would comment that his hiding spots weren't very good, and the next day he would be MUCH harder to find.

Many thanks to Mom Swim Bike Run, for posting pictures of what their family elf was up to.  It gave Elphie good ideas and maybe reminded him to move on more than one occasion!  We also heard the harrowing tale of Buddy, the elf across the street, who was touched one too many times and had to return to the North Pole to keep his magic.  It was a good reminder of the rules for the Mills.  I love that the kids love Elphie so much and it gets them into the holiday spirit.  Elphie was given their letters to Santa and pictures and thank you notes.  Maddy has asked a few times were he went and already wants to know when he's coming back. 

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