Friday, January 4, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge Part 3

Really seems unnecessary to drag this out for 3 posts, but I'm doing it.

Tuesday morning the kids and John slept until 8:30/9.  I was wide awake trying very hard to be quiet and let them all get much needed sleep.  We had to be out of our room by 11, but could stay at the hotel as long as we wanted.

We did the big buffet breakfast and then headed to the pool.  I got to go on a big water slide with Gwen.  While I was screaming (sort of fun scream, sort of terrified we're going to flip the tube scream), she's yelling "This is the best thing ever!".

After that we got dressed and packed up all our stuff.  John loaded up the car (thanks Dad!) and then we made our last trip to the casino, I mean arcade.  The kids spent the last of their tokens.  The girls got their sparkle tattoos (included with the Paw Pass) and Gwen and John became wizards or lord magi or something.  Jack refused the sparkle tattoo, cause he's too manly for that.  Instead he wore his party hat and hit us with his balloon sword. 

And that concludes our Great Wolf adventure and Christmas vacation.  John and I are very glad to return to work on Wednesday.  And I suspect Jack and Maddy are glad to go to pre-school and play with their other friends.  Gwen would prefer to stay home the rest of the week, but too bad for her.  The house is littered with Legos, Barbies and other toys.  We still have way too many holiday goodies left and my pants are barely fitting.  Time to get back to the routine!

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