Monday, November 14, 2011

Workout Recap: Nov 7-Nov 13

11/7: 4.00 miles, 38:01, 9:30/mile, with JC
11/8: nothing (Jenna's surgery day)
11/9: nada
11/10: 6.20 miles, 57:13, 9:14/mile, with JC
11/11: rest day
11/12: long run 15.01, 2:19:53, 9:19/mile avg, with JC
11/13: Komen 5k, 3.20miles, 23:09, 7:14/mile

I started off the week feeling the beginings of a cold, nothing terrible just a tickle in my throat.  By Wednesday I was feeling pretty tired and was fighting hard to avoid getting worse.  I skipped a planned "BIG WORKOUT" on the schedule and had an extra rest day that was much needed.

Our 15 mile long run was great.  Perfect 50 degrees with little wind.  We chatted the whole time, as usual.  I'm not sure that Jennifer and I have anything left to talk about but we always manage to pass the time and entertain each other.  Jennifer has a new running toy that I am JEALOUS of, a hydration pack.  Maybe I'll break down and follow her lead on this one.  For this week's long run I ate a bagel thin with peanut butter for breakfast, and took in a pack of Shot Blocks and a Gu.  I felt pretty decent about the calories but I'll have to do more for next week.

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