Friday, November 4, 2011

Just the Little Things

Check it out: Just the Little Things

I like #461. Listening to Little Kids Talk.  So true in our house and in the car.  Jack and Maddy are like an old couple that love each other eternally but annoy the hell out of each other too.  At 3 years old they carry on a dialog that cracks me up daily.  In the car Maddy will say "No Jack, it's MY turn to talk" and he will stop down and let her finish (sometimes).  Jack makes sure to point out the car wash every time we drive by, so that Maddy can remind me how it scared her "yesterday" (3 weeks ago).  They sing songs and change the words to crack each other up.  Maddy will say she doesn't want to tell me about her day, she'll let Jack do it.

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