Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Running/Mommy/Working Day

Like most days, today I fit in a run with mom duties and work responsibilities.  Today was especially tough because I had to be home from my run by 6 am.  It was supposed to be raining, so I pretty much decided to run at the gym after taking the kids to school.  But I woke up at 4:00, 4:10, 4:15 and when John’s alarm when off at 4:30 I just got up and went running.  I’m pretty sure this makes me insane. 


After running I got myself ready, and did the second half of the relay in getting the kids prepared for school.  This involves asking everyone to go potty 3-4 times, putting on Jack’s clothes, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, doing Gwen’s hair, tackling Jack to brush his teeth, convincing Maddy to wear the socks I picked out for her vs. going upstairs for another pair, chasing Jack to brush his hair, doing Maddy’s hair and then the ultimate challenge of getting everyone to put their shoes on without being allowed to help put their shoes on.  Oh, and getting the lunches together, making my coffee and eating something before heading off to school.  It’s no wonder I get in the car and have to take a deep breath to relax. 


Tuesdays bring the special challenge of both John and I having work related meetings early in the morning (7 and 7:30).  I ended up joining a conference call while taking the twins into school, giving hugs and kisses and half listening to work issues before getting back in the mini-van.  Then I sat in the doctor’s office parking lot on the call, which is right next to school, so I could go in and pick up some paperwork when it opened.  THEN drive into the office to start work – 4 hours after getting out of bed.  After that its work, work, snack work, run an errand at lunch, drink lots of water, eat lunch at my desk, work, snack and finally pick up the kids from school. 


This is my life! Crazy Mommy Running Work Life.  Writing all this makes me want to have a glass of wine or crawl into bed for sleepy time.  Of course, I can hear a little voice over the monitor talking to her horses, so I get to do neither one.  I DO get to see a smiling face as I explain about quiet sleepy nighty night time for the 3rd time tonight and tuck her into bed again with another kiss.


Christy said...

Damn. Super mom.

Monica said...

I agree with Christy - that is what I call commitment! To family, running work... its a really good thing lots of work can be done over the phone.:)