Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Run: Time Trial

Warm up: .54 mile/10:33/mile
Lap 2: 1 mile/ 7:41/mile
Lap 3: 1 mile/7:53/mile
Lap 4: .91 mile/9:53/mile (supposed to be a cool down)

I had a weird dream last night that I was getting texted and could here the little horn on my phone.  At 2:30 I got up, thinking I can't have really heard it since I intentionally turned the volume off before I went to bed.  But I must have been getting a telepathic message from the Selfish Mommy, she did text to say she would not make our morning run.  I was sort of relieved.  1. because I was exhausted, 2. because she is moving and painting and doing all kinds of stuff this week and probably doesn't need to run.  When my alarm went off at 5:10 I ignored it.  Then started to feel bad, then started to feel like I should get up.  So I got out the door at 6am and did a quick speed workout.  It was about 75 degrees this morning - nasty - and I stayed in my neighborhood. 

I think my goal this summer is to work on managing my pace, either fast or slow.

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