Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Dancers or The Family Dance Off

Sunday was G and Miss M's dance recital for Kinderdance.  This was G's 3rd stage performance and she did awesome.  This was a big change from last year when we had to beg and bribe her to get on stage and she spent most of the performance pulling her tutu up and down.  G knew all the steps, remembered to smile and seemed to really enjoy herself. 

This was MIss M's first performance.  We had low expectations because when John attended parent watch day last week she hardly danced at all.  For the recital Miss M was the only toddler, so instead of having her dance by herself they let her go up with the older girls.  She danced right next to G and followed along.  She didn't know any of the songs but happily watched the teacher.  After the ballet portion, the older girls put on their tap shoes.  M doesn't take tap, but the teacher found her a pair of shoes and M happily put them on.  She was so cute jumping up and down and clapping for herself.  

Afterward both girls got medals and flowers.  We celebrated with Popsicles at home.  Little J enjoyed watching the girls but had no interest in joining them on stage. 

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