Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run or Medals are for Being Awesome

Poor planning on my part, I ate terrible on Saturday before the race.  Not the worst I've ever eaten, but not what I would prefer for race day preparation.

Sunday morning Jennifer picked me up and we drove the 5 miles over to the race start.  It was humid and almost 80 degrees at the start of the race.  They usually get about 200-300 for this race.  The course is mostly flat with a few hills mixed in.  In Pflugerville there is always a risk of WIND, but today wasn't too bad.  There were even a few spectators out to watch the race in the neighborhood. 

We got up to the front and took off with the pack.  After the first mile I was struggling, I had to talk myself out of walking and made sure I kept my favorite songs in my ear.  I knew this wouldn't be a PR for me, I wasn't feeling it but wanted to push as much as I could.  I was able to finish strong, passing a guy puking on the side of the rode, who then sprinted past me 30 seconds later. 

Mile 1: 7:23/mile
Mile 2: 7:43
Mile 3: 7:38
0.1: 6:50
Total time: 23:36

I was the 2nd female to finish and first in my age group!  YEAH!  I was glad that I pushed myself, 2nd and 3rd place were both within 30-45 seconds of me. 

Next came the kids K.  Big J brought the kids down after the 5k and I got G ready to go.  In past years she has either been too shy (crying) or tired (I had to carry her), so this time she had to do the whole thing on her own 2 feet.  This year they let kids to a 1 block route or 2 blocks, we chose the 1 block and she was first for that group.  She ran most of it, and would sprint ahead of me every time I lagged behind her.  The volunteers held tape up over the finish line for the kids to break through and G got a medal, she was very excited.  Miss M was very jealous and upset to be left behind, so I guess she will be joining big sister for the Pflugerville Pfamiily Pfun Run in October. 

We had pizza and beer (for me) at the finish and hung around for the awards.  G asked me what I was getting an award for, and I told her people get awards for being AWESOME!  Big J and Jeff pointed out that I was being a little immodest.  But hey - it was awesome!

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