Sunday, July 10, 2011

Workout Recap


Monday: Ripped in 30 #1
Tuesday: Ripped in 30 #2
Wednesday: Run 4.25miles, 40:14min, 9:28/mile avg
Thursday: Evening Spin class at the gym
Friday: Run 5.00 miles, 46:08, 9:14/mile avg
Saturday: Morning Spin class
Sunday: Run on treadmill 6.44 miles, 60:00, 9:22/mile avg

I did not get a rest day this week so that will be first thing next week.  While I have the gym membership I really want to take advantage of it and the few chances I had to run outside this week I really wanted to get out there.  Sunday was scheduled to be a long run day but I didn't want to over do it.  Frankly by Sunday afternoon if I didn't leave this house and get away from the kids for a couple hours I was going to turn to the bottle.

Next weeks plan: John is back this week and we are planning some family activities for the weekend.  I'm not sure how much I can do this week but this is my goal -

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Ripped in 30 or Spin Class
Wednesday: Ripped in 30 #2
Thursday: Run (Pace Workout)
Friday: Run (6-7 miles, 9:21/mile)
Saturday: Walk day
Sunday:   Rest Day

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